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Spring Storms: HVAC Protection



As the cold weather slips away, the warmer weather tends to bring with it a great deal of rain and storms. Although your HVAC system is built to withstand a certain degree of weather damage, it is still susceptible to the water, wind, and electrical damages caused by severe storms or continuous downpour. Follow Broadley’s helpful tips for keeping your HVAC unit safe this spring, saving you the money and hassle of repairs or replacements.

  • Make sure outdoor air conditioning condenser are secured and covered to lessen weather related impact, as they are vulnerable to strong winds and flooding. Canvas tarps with proper ventilation openings work better than plastic, which tends to retain moisture. Trapped moisture can cause metal erosion and wire/ rubber rot.
  • Check to make sure outdoor air-conditioning condensers do not have windblown dirt and debris clogging any drains or openings. Heavy winds can even blow branches into the unit. Avoid household objects being stored too close to the unit as well to prevent damage.
  • Keep units elevated to avoid flood waters.
  • If the power goes out during a storm, generators act as a great power source alternative. The generator will then maintain continuous running service of either your air conditioner or heater until power is restored.

Staying one step ahead of mother nature when possible is always recommended. These simple tips are great for increasing the efficiency and lifespan of your HVAC unit. If something does go wrong during a storm, or you would like a professional to make sure your unit is well protected, give Broadley’s a call at (609) 390-3907. Make sure to ask about signing up for one of our service contracts as well and keep your appliances functioning efficiently year-round.