Fishing Report

Fishing Report

Fishing Report

Hello! This is the Sea Isle fishing report. This report will give you the where, when and how of fishing our local waters. We hope this information will help you catch the big one!

Suggested bait and tackle in this report can be obtained at any of the local fishing shops.

Back Bay


There are a lot of Flounder in the back bay! There are a large amount of throw backs (under 18 inches) being caught, but you might get lucky! Is there anything better than fresh-caught flounder for dinner? Try to an over/ under rig with a bucktail on the bottom with some Gulp swimming mullet on both hooks. There are also some dogfish in the back bay as well. You could use basically any real bait, but bunker chunks work best on an over under rig. There are a good amount of pretty large bluefish as well. Shiny metal lures (my preference is spoons) work well. A few striped bass are also in the back bay. Live bait or a surface lure (popper) at dawn and dusk id your best bet. A lot weakfish are in the bay as well. They have been caught using pink plastics on bucktails.

Piers and Bridges


A lot has been happening around piers lately. The water has been warming up so more and more fish are appearing. With the beginning of July comes seabass season. There are a lot of small Sea bass hanging around the bridges, but there are a few larger ones as well. I suggest using minnows or squid on a Sea bass rig to catch them. Remember that to keep a Sea bass it has to be 13 inches and you can only keep two. A few sheepshead are near the bridges as well. Try using calico crabs to catch them. There are triggerfish being caught too. You should also use calico crabs to catch them.


The kingfish bite is on!! There are more and more kingfish being caught in the surf, and of bigger size. They have been biting on bloodworms. Remember to use a heavier weight than what you would use in the bay, I suggest a 4 oz. There are also a weakfish being caught in the surf. You can also use bloodworms to catch them. Some flounder are being caught in the surf on squid. As always, you can be sure to catch some sharks and skates.

Flounder, Kingfish

Now I don’t talk about every fish you can catch because some are more common than others, but here is a list of fish found in New Jersey waters: Blowfish, Bluefish, Croaker, Flounder, Kingfish, Ling, Perch, Sea Bass, Sea Robin, Shad Sharks, Skate, Spot, Striper(Striped bass), Weakfish, Black drum, and red drum.

The sun is shining, the water is getting warmer, so get out there and fish!