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Preventing Frozen Pipes


Temperatures are dropping quickly and winter is here to stay. A serious issue that all homeowners should be aware of is the risk of frozen pipes. The damages from frozen pipes can rack up to thousands of dollars in repairs to the pipes and property. Broadley’s is here to remind you of these simple steps to take, ensuring a safe winter season.

Insulate Water Pipes

The insulation will slow down the cold’s effect to the pipes, but does not necessarily prevent freezing.

Disconnect Garden Hoses

If there is water in the hose, it can freeze and eventually make its way through the spigot and into your pipes. To maintain the lifespan of your hose, move them indoors for the winter.

Know Common Frozen Pipe Locations

As mentioned earlier, insulate these pipes in particular and keep an eye on them throughout the winter when temperatures drop below 32° F.

Keep Thermostats No Lower Than 55° F

Even if you leave the house for a few days, make sure temperatures are at least 55° F. Frozen pipes often happen while people are on vacation and forget the house needs to remain somewhat heated.

Turn Water Off When Away

If you plan to go away for a few days, turn off your main water supply and make sure all facets are drained.

Keep Certain Doors and Windows Closed

If your water supply is in your garage, make sure to keep the doors closed as much as possible. It is also recommended to keep windows located near pipes closed and to close open-air vents to prevent wind drafts during very low temperatures.

Open Cabinet Doors

When temperatures drop below 32° F, it is recommended you leave cabinet doors open that are located below sinks so that the heat from your home can warm the pipes.

Consider a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Not only does owning a Wi-Fi thermostat make your life easier and more comfortable, allowing you to stay in bed while you heat the home or to have your home heated before you return from vacation, but it can save you from the nightmare of frozen or busted pipes. Broadley’s recommends brands such as Nest, Honeywell or Ecobee. Call them for installs or to learn more about each!


If you find yourself in a situation with frozen or busted pipes, and are unsure how to handle it, give Broadley’s a call at (609) 390-3907. Remember, if your pipes do burst, make sure to turn off your water right away!