Mayor Leonard Desiderio

Happy Spring! No matter if you are a person who believes that Spring started on March 1 or if you feel that the Vernal Equinox on March 20 is the true beginning of the new season, springtime is here at last.

As temperatures continue to climb, we will see more and more businesses throughout town opening their doors, neighbors readying their homes for outdoor living, and other familiar signs that indicate that summer is not far away.

Each year, springtime brings with it such promise, and I am confident that we all have a lot to look forward to during the year ahead here in Sea Isle City.

To help everyone make plans, our Tourism Office’s 2023 Reference Guide will soon be available.

The Reference Guide is currently at the printer, and before long it will be delivered to all local property owners in addition to being available at the Welcome Center and elsewhere around Sea Isle City.

This year’s publication is once again filled with useful information about our events, beaches, facilities, fitness programs and much more – so please be on the lookout for our 2023 Reference Guide.

Our Tourism Office has also been busy re-designing Sea Isle City’s Visitors Website,, which will be launched next week.

The updated website will be more user-friendly than ever, and it too will be packed with info that will help everyone enjoy all that Sea Isle City has to offer.

City employees are also making certain that our facilities are in tip-top shape, plus they will address the beach erosion that we recently experienced in the south-end.

As I mentioned during last week’s City Council meeting, I have directed our Department of Public Works to perform “sand harvesting,” which includes using heavy equipment to move sand from well-established beaches to parts of our shoreline that are in need of sand.

Then, later this year, our beaches will be even stronger after the Army Corps of Engineers completes Sea Isle’s next round of beach replenishment.

To follow-up on an event that I mentioned in our last newsletter, we will host a National Vietnam War Veterans Day ceremony at 3 p.m. on March 29.

I realize this holiday falls on a Wednesday this year, but I hope as many people as possible will be able to join us at Veterans Park as we gather to say “thank you” to the men and women of our Armed Forces who served in the Vietnam War.

For the past month or so, many people have been asking a recurring question: “When is the public school on Park Road being torn down?”

Finally, after months of attempting to confirm the utility disconnections at the former school building, late last week we received confirmation from our telecommunications provider that the last of their lines leading to the building have been cut.

This allowed our Construction Office to issue a demolition permit to our contractor late last week – and I am happy to report that demolition of the building’s exterior began on Tuesday morning.

As the demolition process continues and we make room for Sea Isle City’s future Community Center, we will keep you informed of the entire construction process.

Personally speaking, I am very excited to see this project come to fruition, and I am thrilled about the positive impact the Community Center will have on our town. It’s a very exciting time to be in Sea Isle City!

I want to thank all of our city employees and the passersby who worked tirelessly to help with the rescue effort when eight dolphins washed up on our shoreline yesterday.

I also want to thank the Marine Mammal Stranding Center for quickly arriving on the scene after being called by our Police Department.

As most people know by now, unfortunately none of the dolphins survived – which is very sad news.

However, as difficult as the situation was, it displayed how the people of Sea Isle City come together for a good cause when the chips are down.

This week’s “Shout Out” goes to each of the community volunteers who make Sea Isle City the amazing place it is.

Even though Sea Isle offers an array of popular entertainment options, an abundance of natural beauty, and wonderful shopping and dining options, it is the people of our community who make this town so very special.

I am very grateful to everyone who volunteers their time with our local churches, scout troops, civic organizations, and charitable groups – as well as those who help run our municipal boards, commissions, and committees – because they are the heart and soul of Sea Isle City.

No amount of shimmering sand, radiant sunsets, or music playing at the Band Shell can substitute for the kindness, generosity, and devotion to others that I see displayed by the people of Sea Isle City throughout the year – and I thank you all!

Smile … You’re in Sea Isle,

Mayor Leonard C. Desiderio