Tailor Made Compounding Pharmacy in Nicholasville

Tailor Made Compounding pharmacy in Nicholasville, Kentucky (TMC) aims to strengthen patient-physician relationships by offering various industry leading wellness solutions and educational resources. The following article is a discussion on how Tailor Made Compounding recently earned the NABP accreditation and LegitScript certification for its continued commitment to care, safety, and compliance with state and federal laws.

In March 2021, Tailor Made Compounding pharmacy in Nicholasville, Kentucky was sold to a new ownership group. Since its acquisition, Tailor Made Compounding pharmacy in Nicholasville, Kentucky has embarked on a mission to become an industry leader in compliance and patient safety through a commitment to continuous quality improvement and investments in its people, facilities, and equipment. Through the transition period, the business has achieved important accreditations and certifications, showing patients and healthcare professionals that the pharmacy adheres to the complex and ever-changing regulatory framework by which it is governed.

Tailor Made Compounding Pharmacy in Nicholasville is Proud to Hold the NABP Accreditation

Tailor Made Compounding pharmacy in Nicholasville, Kentucky is accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® for compounding pharmacy practice. This signifies that the company is officially recognized for its advanced level of patient care, as well as its dedication to safely decreasing the risks related to compounding medication and practices.

NABP, a nonprofit organization founded in 1904, supports the state boards of pharmacy to protect public health. It’s governed by an executive committee containing four officers and eight members, following the association’s constitution and bylaws to guide the organization.

While initially created to help state boards craft uniform education and licensing standards, its mission has expanded to include supporting patients and prescription drug safety.

The association utilizes its members’ 115+ years of combined intimate industry understanding and expertise to ensure that patient safety always comes first. Its accreditation and inspection programs encompass the highest standards of both safety and quality.

As a NABP®-certified pharmacy, Tailor Made Compounding pharmacy in Nicholasville, Kentucky has demonstrated:

  • compliance to the United States Pharmacopeia standards <795>, <797>, and <800>.
  • compliance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act section 503A.
  • use of compounds for human patients.
  • successful completion of prerequisite Verified Pharmacy Program inspection to ensure eligibility.

The voluntary accreditation process required the pharmacy to demonstrate adherence to state and federal regulations governing 503A compounding pharmacies and delivery of high-quality patient care. Thus, the team is proud to have their work bolstered by such a coveted badge.

The Company Boasts LegitScript Certification Too

However, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® accreditation isn’t the pharmacy’s only accolade — the team secured LegitScript certification as well, further enhancing their reputation as an industry leader.

Certification with LegitScript allows consumers to be sure businesses are who they say they are. The achievement is industry-leading, helping certified companies like Tailor Made Compounding pharmacy in Nicholasville, Kentucky stands out within its industry as one of a limited number of LegitScript-certified compounding pharmacies.

The certification program is recognized by titans like Microsoft, Facebook, and Google, as well as top-notch providers in the ultra-regulated healthcare market.

Tailor Made Compounding proudly displays its LegitScript certification badge on its website, publicizing its commitment to upholding the highest standards of compliance and transparency.

Tailor Made Compounding Pharmacy in NicholasvilleCore Values Helped It Gain and Retain Accreditation

With LegitScript certification and the NABP accreditation, Tailor Made Compounding Pharmacy in Nicholasville, Kentucky has secured its position as a recognized industry leader. Through education, quality, and partnership, the pharmacy’s hard work has been recognized.


The staff and pharmacists at Tailor Made Compounding are dedicated to focusing on education. However, they recognize the cruciality of staying informed about their internal operations as well as maintaining communication, compassion, and trust with external partners, providers, and patients.

Health outcomes are achieved when everybody is on the same page, and according to TMC, education is the number one way to do just that.


The company appreciates and respects all its prescribers, so they make every effort to provide the best commercial and compounded medications to address patient needs. From providing difficult-to-find solutions to crafting custom wellness products, Tailor Made Compounding supports its prescribers and their patients every step of the way.


As publicized by the pharmacy’s accreditation from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy®, TMC is wholly committed to maintaining exceptionally high standards of purity, potency, and quality throughout its formulary.

Tailor Made Compounding: Upholding Ever-Rising Standards to Boost Patient and Practice Welfare

Tailor Made Compounding pharmacy in Nicholasville, Kentucky’s NABP accreditation and LegitScript certification represent to both current and future prescribers and patients that compliance and patient safety are prioritized across all aspects of the pharmacy’s operation.

About Tailor Made Compounding

Tailor Made Compounding is a 503A compounding pharmacy located in Nicholasville, Kentucky. The Pharmacy is licensed in 46 states and holds LegitScript certification and NABP accreditation. Tailor Made prides itself on offering healthcare practitioners and patients high-quality, custom compounded formulations and outstanding customer service. Tailor Made’s experienced pharmacy team works closely with patients and healthcare practitioners to provide innovative solutions for health and wellness. The Pharmacy operates out of its 20,000 square foot compounding facility, which is designed to exceed current United States Pharmacopeia guidelines.