Joshua Palin Orange Park

As a DIY expert, Joshua Palin of Orange Park is always looking for new projects that will appeal to the masses. In recent years, one of the biggest areas of growth in the DIY industry is ecofriendly projects. As people grow more concerned over the threat of global warming, they want to do their part to offset their carbon footprint. Fortunately, there are a ton of fun projects that will not only help people in their daily lives but help the environment in the process. Today, Joshua Palin of Orange Park will provide details on a few projects that any avid DIY-er can handle.

1. Consider Unpaper Towels

Joshua Palin of Orange Park understands that paper towels are wasteful, but they’re also extremely popular items. As is the case with most things, people are willing to switch from paper towels if they are offered an alternative that works just as well as the paper towel they are used to. In order to create reusable paper towels, you’ll need fabric scraps, a sewing machine, thread, pins, scissors and an iron ruler. Once you have your materials, Josuha Palin of Orange Park suggests measuring two pieces of fabric at 10 inches by 15 inches. Of course, the size of the paper towel is completely up to the creator. With two equal pieces of fabric, they will need to be put face-to-face and pinned along the edge. About a quarter of an inch should be left along the sides to make it possible to turn the towel inside out down the road. The corners can then be cut to keep the material nice and flat. Once the towel is ironed along the edges, the remaining hole can be sewed close. Joshua Palin of Orange Park explains that you can even add a button to the material to make it easier to cut. Unlike traditional paper towels, these reusable unpaper towels can be used multiple times. Once they get plenty dirty, just throw them in the laundry and wash them like you would a typical bath towel.

2. Create a Natural Dish Scrubber

Joshua Palin of Orange Park knows how easy it is to go through sponge after sponge while trying to get your pans and dishes as clean as possible. Swapping out old sponges with a natural dish scrubber is a great way to help the environment and give you a great little project. All that is needed to create a natural dish scrubber is jute spring and a K crochet hook. The project starts by doubling the jute string and creating a slip knot. It then takes chain stitching 15 stitches and yarning over and single crocheting them again and again. You want to repeat the last step 15 times and then you have a completely durable and decomposable sponge.

3. Use Old T-Shirts to Make Reusable Grocery Bags

As more states are doing away with plastic bags at their local grocery stores, people are being forced to look to alternatives. Joshua Palin of Orange Park encourages people to save their money and create grocery bags out of old t-shirts. It’s a great way to save some green while helping the environment. All it takes is a little sewing skill and some ingenuity. Keep in mind that the t-shirt you choose will end up being the design of the bag. For this reason, Joshua Palin suggests a solid color t-shirt. After turning it inside out, sew a zigzag stich in a straight line across the bottom of the shirt. Backstitching can be completed at the beginning and the end for some added strength. If you’re okay with a one handle bag, cut off the sleeves and the neck area of the shirt. A zigzag stitch where the collar once was should create the strap. Backstitching again is encouraged for added durability. Finally, cut off the extra fabric and enjoy an awesome reusable grocery bag.