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Don’t Forget the Gutters!


The air is just starting to feel crisp and before you know it, your lawn will be covered in fallen leaves. As beautiful as the change in seasons may be, it is important to remember the proper way to care for you home during the changeover. Broadley’s would like to remind you the importance of cleaning out your gutters when the time comes! When the leaves and various other debris falls into your gutter, it becomes more than just an annoyance. The buildup keeps the rain water (and it certainly has been a rainy year) from running into the correct places, which could end in damage your home or yard.

Start by cleaning the u-shaped apparatuses that catch the water. This is simple if you are able to safely reach them and should be cleaned out anytime you see buildup. The trickier part comes in the parts of your gutter system that you cannot see inside. You may need some kind of plumping snake to push out the debris from the rain water pipes. If you cannot reach the debris, you will have to disassemble it.

The area that may cause the most issues is in the downspout. Remove the downspout and clean it out, along with the cage or landing that collects the debris. Make sure the downspout is not broken or bent, and if so, replace it. After reassembling it, run water through to help determine if you have completely removed any blockage.

It is suggested you clean your gutters twice a year unless you have many tall trees, in which case you may need to clean them more often. If you want to be extra secure when it comes to your gutters, you can install a mesh guard to prevent buildup.

While you have the ladder out and are cleaning, take the time to inspect any higher-up HVAC units. Clear the vents of debris and replace air filters. Remember that maintaining your HVAC unit helps extend its lifespan. Call Broadley’s at (609) 390-3907 to help replace air filters or to inspect the unit for the upcoming winter months.

The best way to deal with weather is to be prepared. Enjoy the season!