ABCmouse and the Gift of Education

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and parents are already on the hunt for the perfect gift for their little ones. Recently, there has been an increasing emphasis on gifts that are both fun and educational. This is because parents realize that engaging and fun educational activities connect better with their children, motivating them to learn, and offering long-lasting benefits.

ABCmouse is a comprehensive, award-winning early learning program created by Age of Learning that teaches children ages 2-8 skills in math, reading, phonics, science, health, social studies, and more. ABCmouse features more than 10,000 learning activities and games, covering essential topics that young children need to know in an engaging way that helps them develop a lifetime love of learning. This is one of the many reasons why parents are considering an ABCmouse subscription the perfect gift for the holidays!

Here, Age of Learning explores just a few more of the reasons why ABCmouse is one of the top educational gifts for young learners leading up to the holiday season.

Reinforces Lessons Disrupted by the Pandemic

One of the primary reasons that ABCmouse is a top educational holiday gift for this year is because it can help students reinforce lessons that may have been disrupted during the pandemic.

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused one or two “non-traditional” school years for our students. While schools have certainly done their best to address obstacles presented by the pandemic, such as closures and the move to online and hybrid learning, these changes were not without their downsides.

Some schools struggled with remote engagement, as well as the difficult logistics associated with moving from in-person learning. Even children who transitioned well to online and hybrid learning in districts may have had difficulties with various at-home disruptions. The effects of unfinished learning for K-12 students through the pandemic have been significant, and experts have found that some students may be months behind in several core subjects such as math and reading.

Now that schools across the country have moved back to in-person learning, educators are doing everything they can to ensure that students are reaching learning goals. Educational resources such as ABCmouse are a great way to help reinforce learning in core areas they may have fallen behind in. The platform’s Step-By-Step Learning Path allows parents to select the appropriate grade/learning level and guides students through its expert-designed curriculum!

Helps Children Make Gains in Literacy and Math Skills

Reinforcing lessons taught through school curriculums are crucial for empowering children to stay on track with learning goals, but many parents want to ensure their children are also making additional learning gains. And research shows that ABCmouse is an effective way to achieve that goal.

A randomized, double-blind experimental study, sponsored by Age of Learning, examined the impact of home use of ABCmouse on literacy and math skills and found significant evidence that the program led to learning gains. After using ABCmouse for an average of 45 minutes per week, children in the study were shown to achieve significantly greater learning gains in key early literacy skills than children who did not use ABCmouse.

These gains were even more significant for children who had entered the study underperforming in literacy.

Boosts in early literacy and math skills can create a strong foundation for future academic success, and children who receive a high-quality early education reap the benefits throughout their schooling. Early literacy and math learning gains help make young children more confindent, better motivated, and more fully equipped to keep on track with their learning goals, in addition to supporting a more positive self-image.

ABCmouseGains in literacy and math skills give young learners a boost that can help them reach key learning goals

Keeps Children Engaged and Having Fun!

Young learners are excellent judges for educational platforms. If they are not having fun and being engaged by the curriculum and presentation, they will tune out or do something else instead! Children these days certainly have a lot of options for activities that will keep their attention.

Age of Learning designed ABCmouse with the understanding that young learners need a dynamic and interactive experience for lessons to be truly effective. The platform features an incredible selection and diverse variety of educational activities that include books, games, animations, puzzles, songs, art, and printables for children. With 850 lessons across 10 levels and over 10,000 individual learning activities, ABCmouse has enough engaging and educational content to help children learn from toddler age through second grade.

With ABCmouse, children are also encouraged to complete more learning activities (and learn more!) through a built-in Tickets and Rewards System. Children can use tickets to virtually “buy” pets and items to decorate their own room on ABCmouse. Keeping track of earned and spent tickets through the app has the bonus of helping children learn important math and planning skills that will remain relevant through their academic careers.

ABCmouse shows children that learning can be fun—and this is vital for motivating young learners early on in their learning paths!

Thinking About ABCmouse this Holiday Season?

Parents on the lookout for top-rated educational gifts for their children this year should keep in mind that engaging programs like ABCmouse are great choices for keeping learning on track all year long. That’s one of the reasons why an ABCmouse Annual Subscription was named a Toy Insider Winner as a Top Holiday Toy of 2021.

ABCmouse is the #1 and most comprehensive early learning program, with thousands of engaging activities and lessons for children, and a name that parents can trust, making it a great gift for everyone who want the best for their child’s education. The engaging program is sure to put a smile on young learners’ faces this holiday season and keep parents smiling throughout the year as they watch their child continue to learn and grow!