Sean and Jamie Mulholland's exercise routine on Sea Isle's Promenade was especially spectacular thanks to the mild temperatures.


Sean and Jamie Mulholland jogged along the Sea Isle City Promenade Thursday afternoon. It is an exercise routine the couple does every other day.

But typically, in November, they don’t wear light clothing for their workout. But in the 70-degree day, the Mulhollands, of Sea Isle, took in the light breezes, the sunlight and just enjoyed the mild weather.

Except that they had one concern.

“I hope the Christmas tree doesn’t wilt,” noted Sean Mulholland with a laugh, as he turned to look at the artificial decorated tree in front of the Promenade at JFK Boulevard.

“It’s quiet. The weather is beautiful. We couldn’t ask for a better day,” Jamie added.

She said the fall at the shore is like when someone hosts a party. It is nice to see the guests come, but it is also nice when life returns to some tranquil time.

Joe Parvin metal detects for some hidden treasures.

Some people walked on the beaches, while others sat in chairs near the ocean to savor the breezes, sunshine and spectacular fall day.

Others, such as Joe and Lynn Parvin, of Vineland, took to the sands to find some hidden treasures using their metal detectors.

“Check out what I found today,” Joe Parvin said, as his wife was several feet away metal detecting.

He held out an earring.

“I am not sure about the gold, but I will look for a mark with my loop when I get home,” he explained. “Over the years, we have found some great stuff.”

The first find of the day is an earring.

One item was an engagement ring with an inscription.

The couple posted the ring on a lost and found site, but no one responded. Typically, the Parvins find old coins, buttons and jewelry, Joe Parvin said.

“We are just two retired people who wanted something to do,” he added. “It’s fun, and we enjoy metal detecting on the beaches.”

Despite scouring the beach with their metal detectors, the Parvins did not find many items under the sand Thursday.

But it didn’t seem to matter.

“It’s just fun. And we like Sea Isle and you can’t beat the weather today,” he noted.

Beachgoers have their chairs in tow to enjoy the mild weather.

While the Parvins held onto their metal detectors, Angel Dalrymple, of Sea Isle, held on tight to the leashes of her brother’s dog, Molly Sunshine, and her dog, Daisy Mae.

“I don’t know who takes who for a walk,” she joked, referring to Molly Sunshine’s strength. “We take a walk every day and I wouldn’t miss it. Today is especially great because it is such a beautiful day.”

They began their walking routine in Excursion Park and then made their way up to a beach entrance, where Dalrymple looked out at the ocean.

“Sea Isle is such a magical place to live,” she noted. “You couldn’t ask to live in a better place. It is just beautiful.”

Angel Dalrymple, of Sea Isle City, walks Molly Sunshine and Daisy Mae.