Regan Capone, 12, of Sea Isle City, is shown with Eleanor Robinson, of Pembrook Farm, at left, presenting a check for $20,340 to Amy Mahon, president of the Love of Linda Cancer Fund. (Photo courtesy of Capone family)

For Sea Isle City resident Regan Capone, showing her charitable side and riding a horse come quite naturally.

Regan, a 12-year-old student at Ocean City Intermediate School, is a competitive horseback rider who trains at Pembrook Farm in Eldora, N.J., where for the past 11 years owner Eleanor Robinson has been hosting a horse show that benefits the Love of Linda Cancer Fund.

“I support Love of Linda because it helps people who are sick with cancer and maybe can’t afford the things they need,” Regan said in a news release. “It makes me happy to know I’m helping people who need help.”

The equestrian community and many others once again came together to support the 2022 Love of Linda Horse Show in September through fundraiser efforts, competing in the show or providing sponsorship.

Additionally, a variety of businesses donated merchandise and gift cards for the event’s Silent Auction, which was spearheaded by Regan’s mom, Melissa Capone, and Debbie McAnney.

During the 2022 Horse Show, Pembrook Farm raised $20,490 for the Love of Linda Cancer Fund – $14,000 of which was raised by Regan Capone. To date, Pembrook Farm has raised $98,000 for the Love of Linda Fund. Regan has raised a total of $31,000 during the past four years.

“I think it’s important for kids to raise money for causes because adults won’t be here forever to do it. So, if we learn to do it now, we can take over,” Regan said. “Kids should also do it because it teaches us that there are things that are more important than the usual kid stuff and things we want.”

“Making somebody else’s life happier and easier is something everybody should try and do,” she added.

In addition to fundraising, the young equestrian has also competed in Pembrook Farm’s annual Love of Linda Horse Show on her pony, Tia Maria. This year, Regan finished in sixth place in the competition out of a field of 30 riders.