Rainer Blanchette

Rainer Blanchette believes that every driver has a responsibility to understand the laws of the road. While many learn the basics before acquiring their license, few fully understand what to do when the unexpected happens. For instance, if a car breaks down on the open road, understanding the next steps to take can keep the driver and other motorists on the road safe from harm. Today, Rainer Blanchette will discuss four things that any driver should do when they experience car trouble.

Get to The Shoulder or Off The Road Safely

The moment a motorist realizes their car is malfunctioning in any way, they should immediately turn on their headlights and flashers. The headlights and flashers will signify to all other motorists that there is an issue of some kind. From there, a driver should slowly and safely move the vehicle off of the road. In most instances, the longer a person has to drive with an issue, the more damage will be done to the vehicle. Pulling over right away is always the best move. Rainer Blanchette also recommends that drivers stay inside of their vehicle throughout the experience. As long as a person has their cell phone on their person, they should call for roadside assistance or a tow truck from the side of the road with their headlights and flashers remaining on throughout the ordeal.

Lean on The Experts

Unless you are a mechanic, Rainer Blanchette recommends that every driver turns to a local auto repair shop in the event of their vehicle breaking down. As someone who has worked on cars professionally, Rainer Blanchette has experienced many different customers calling for repairs after they made the damage worse themselves. There will always be certain vehicle repairs that should be kept to the experts. Almost anywhere in the country, there’s a local auto shop not far away. A simple search online should populate a number of mechanics who can repair the vehicle and assist in getting the vehicle off the shoulder and into the garage.

If a roadside service can get a car up and running again from the side of the road, it is best to seek out the help of a mechanic immediately. There’s a natural temptation to try and put off any repairs as there are costs associated with repairs. Rainer Blanchette implores drivers to understand that delaying repairs is the best way to make things worse – and more expensive. Those that truly can’t swing a trip to the mechanic should leave the car sitting in the driveway until they can get the necessary repairs.

Car lovers like Rainer Blanchette often joke that once a car breaks down, it will continue to break down. For instance, when a vehicle has a tire blow, it often means the other three tires are also on their last legs of usefulness. It’s not enough to only repair the specific issue that led to a vehicle breakdown. Drivers should make sure that their car undergoes a complete vehicle evaluation. A full health report is the best way to determine the next steps. Sometimes, it’s best to make additional repairs to avoid a future breakdown. Other times, it’s best to sell the vehicle and move on.

Finally, Rainer Blanchette recommends that drivers do everything possible to avoid breakdowns on the road. Routine vehicle maintenance and inspections are the best way to avoid unnecessary issues. When a check engine light pops on, or a notification arises of low tire pressure, drivers cannot ignore these warning signs. While no one wants to deviate from their schedule and have to worry about vehicle repairs, the best route to take is always the proactive one.