Mayor Leonard Desiderio

I don’t have any specific items to report on today, but I do want to mention a few things about the season that’s upon us.

With summer here, we have pretty much put a halt to any city construction projects, as we try to minimize any disturbance or inconvenience to our residents and visitors. The fact is that when the weather is actually best for roadwork and other municipal construction, it’s most disruptive to the economic engine that is our bread and butter – tourism.

At this time of year, our jobs are most especially all about customer service. Having said that, behind the scenes, we’re continually planning ahead, so that all of the projects we have on the books can be started back up in the fall. It’s a never-ending process of planning, implementation, review, and refinement that has served us well over the years.

All of the programs, events, and activities that go on in Sea Isle are a result of that process, and I want to thank all of the city staff that make this happen, and who always look to improve what we offer.

I also want to thank all the city staff on the frontlines of what we do – the public works and recreation crews; the water and sewer department; the beach taggers; the welcome center receptionists; the construction and code enforcement staff; the court; the lifeguards; the EMTs; the firefighters; the police; the staff at City Hall; and everyone else who makes this city run.

At this peak time, the City employs over 300 people, and that number doesn’t include the 40-plus members of our volunteer fire department. I wanted to mention this because I believe it’s good for the public to know these facts; and it’s important that they understand we are working hard – for them.

With that, I wish everyone a safe, happy, enjoyable, and relaxing summer. There is no better place to be now than right here in the capital of Cape May County – Sea Isle City.

As always, please remember – we’re one Sea Isle City and together we will be stronger than ever.


Mayor Leonard C. Desiderio