Mayor Leonard Desiderio

On Saturday, it was my pleasure to lead Sea Isle City’s first ever large-scale Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony, which included nearly 80 couples. Unfortunately, due to the rain, we had to move the event from Excursion Park to the gymnasium of the former public school on Park Road – but the weather and location change did not dampen anyone’s spirits.

The couples who joined us to renew their wedding vows ranged from newlyweds who were married in 2017 to pairs who were celebrating their 50th, 60th and 65th wedding anniversaries, and it was great to see so many smiling faces and everyone having a great time! 

The feedback we received was so good that we decided to host another Wedding Vow Renewal event in 2019.  Please see the “Recent Photos” section of this newsletter to see many of the couples who said “I do” once again.

Following last weekend’s very successful wedding vow event, we gathered on September 11 to honor the many lives lost during the 9-11 terrorist attacks.  As was the case on Saturday, due to the weather, that event was moved indoors to the Sea Isle City Fire Department on JFK Boulevard, where we paid homage to the nearly 3000 people who lost their lives in 2001.

Even though seventeen years have passed since those horrible acts of aggression and hatred were waged against our nation, I feel that it is just as important now as it was seventeen years ago to remember the events of that fateful day and honor those who were lost – and my thanks go out to everyone who was able to join us on Tuesday morning to do just that.  

Since the first two paragraphs of this message mentioned the weather, I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of staying well-informed and aware of what’s happening – especially when it comes to bad weather. As you know, this is hurricane season, and unwelcomed weather can occasionally be a major factor along our coastline.

If you have not already done so, please sign-up for Sea Isle’s “Reverse 9-11” system to receive recorded messages from our Office of Emergency Management regarding pending storms and other pertinent information (you can register for our Reverse 9-11 service on Sea Isle’s municipal website, And, as always, during storm events be certain to heed all directions and warnings that come from City, County and State officials. 

Also, since many of our home owners are not in Sea Isle City every day of the year, please be sure to secure your properties whenever you leave town for any length of time – including your deck furniture, garden supplies and trash cans. Doing so will prevent them from damaging your property and your neighbor’s homes when storms arrive and winds are gusting.It will also prevent your personal items from floating away if we have a tidal surge in our streets.

And speaking of flooded streets, I respectfully remind everyone to avoid driving their vehicles through flood water.  During this week’s coastal storm, numerous vehicles attempted to drive through water-filled streets, and far too many of them stalled-out and were ultimately abandoned by their owners. It is no understatement to say that driving through flooded streets puts you and others in danger.

Additionally, the wake that vehicles create can easily damage homes and private property – and that wake can even push water into homes that otherwise were above the flood line. So, please remember that cars are not boats and you should never drive through flooded streets.

Enough about the weather! 

Let’s instead now focus on the many great events we have planned for you this autumn – because, after all, weather patterns come and go, but the good times never end here in Sea Isle City.

As is the case each year, the fall months are a great time to be here, and we have many festivals, seasonal celebrations and other gatherings that you won’t want to miss. Go to our visitors website,, for event information – and don’t miss a moment of the fun!

This week’s “Shout Out” goes to Jim “Moe” Phillips, who lives in Hawaii but occasionally visits relatives here in Sea Isle City. Jim recently told me that he absolutely loves Sea Isle City and he greatly enjoys reading our E-Newsletters every two weeks. Thank you, Jim!

Smile…You’re in Sea Isle! 

Mayor Leonard C. Desiderio