Lucy Okunak

Lucy Okunak is the owner of Euro Stone and Tile, in Wycoff, New Jersey. In the following article, Lucy Okunak discusses why stone flooring makes for a great design choice that is both fashionable and functional for the home.

Stone flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. Lucy Okunak says that many customers ask what the advantages of stone flooring are over other alternatives?

Stone flooring is not only incredibly durable and sturdy, but it can suit any room in the home and outside patio spaces. It’s great at cooling down rooms but also helping to conduct heat in the colder months. Thanks to not being made of fibers and its nonporous quality, stone floors are also great for allergy suffers, too!

It’s Made to Last a Lifetime

Lucy Okunak explains that stone flooring is incredibly durable, and there’s a good reason why it has been the building material of choice for humans for thousands of years.

Choosing to make the investment in stone flooring can provide floors that last for a lifetime. Even other long-lasting options such as wood still need to be replaced or refinished after a few years. With stone flooring, very little maintenance is needed to keep it looking its best. Unlike wood, stone and tile resist scratching from wear and tear.

Areas that see a lot of traffic such as entryways, hallways and kitchen spaces, need flooring that will be able to withstand a lot of coming and going of people, pets, and spills. Stone floors provide a hardwearing surface that can withstand the trials of busy family life.

Lucy Okunak says that for those wanting to make their home look its best, stone flooring is a perfect choice.

Easy to Clean

Stone flooring is both stain and water-resistant. This means that household messes can easily be cleaned up using a wet cloth or with a quick vacuum without the fear of pigments, water, or small particles becoming ingrained in the flooring as is possible with wood floors or carpets.

Reduces Allergy Symptoms

Lucy Okunak says that the non-porous quality of stone flooring means that anything that falls onto it stays on the surface of the material. This means that allergens such as dust, pollen, and pet hair can’t get trapped and cause allergic flare-ups.

Great in Hot and Cold Weather

Stone flooring can help to regulate the temperature in all seasons. Stone is naturally cooling, so it can help to keep the temperature down indoors on those hot summer days.
Although it may seem like a stone floor would be unbearable in winter or in ta colder climate, that simply isn’t the case! Lucy Okunak explains that stone is also a great conductor of heat, helping to spread the warmth of heating systems across the home. This is particularly true of homes with an underfloor heating system, which truly see the benefit of stone flooring for optimum heat dispersal.

Lucy OkunakIt Simply Looks Good

As stone can be used both in and outside of the home, it can help to create a seamless transition between home and garden.

This can help to make spaces look larger and longer, but also help to bring interior and garden design together, especially for homes with French doors or large full-length windows out to the back yard.

With a wide range of shapes, stone types, colors, and finishes, it is easy to customize and create a timeless look or a statement flooring arrangement. Lucy Okunak says that stone gives a sense of luxury, and in fact, can be a desirable factor that adds value to a home if it is put on the market!

About Euro Stone and Tile

Euro Stone and Tile are trusted stone flooring experts. Lucy Okunak explains that professional cutters and fitters work with each client to create a perfect stone flooring installation.

Each project is uniquely tailored to the rooms that are to be refloored, with consultancy to get the perfect design, stone type, and finish to meet the customers’ needs. The company uses only the best quality stone that is hand cut to measure, choosing the perfect grain and patterning for a seamless finish.

Euro Stone and Tile are there from start to finish, offering customers a one-stop shop when it comes to tiles, flooring, and custom stone installations. With a dedicated team, customers can be sure of consistent, quality workmanship from the initial design process, all the way through to the final fitting and installation.