Jack Elkins Realtor

As a top name in luxury real estate in Palm Beach Florida, Jack Elkins has been helping people find their dream home for many years. To be successful year-after-year in the real estate business, real estate agents must evolve with the times. It’s imperative that real estate agents understand what their customers want and what they need from their agent. Today, Jack Elkins of Palm Beach will look at what buyers need their agent to deliver in order to secure their business for life.

For starters, as someone who sells homes in Florida, Jack Elkins believes many potential Palm Beach residents want to know more about Florida’s income tax policies. One of the key selling points for any Florida real estate agent is how much more home a buyer can get for their budget thanks to lack of an income tax. When comparing the price of the same home in New York and in Florida, it can be truly eye opening for the buyer.

Affluent home buyers have usually achieved incredible success in their careers. They know that it takes hard work and dedication to achieve sustained success in any field. They expect no less from their real estate agent. Jack Elkins believes it is imperative for a real estate agent to showcase their experience and relate to their customers. Real estate agents who are trying to appeal to customers with the budget to purchase more expensive homes must market themselves appropriately. Affluent buyers aren’t looking for gimmicks. They are looking for professionalism and a well-documented history of success.

When the time comes to have the first conversation with an affluent buyer about what type of home they are looking to pursue, it’s important to note that this is not a purchase made to find a place to stay. It’s about finding a home that will help them live the lifestyle that they have always dreamed of enjoying. Affluent buyers need the real estate agent to take the time to get to know their hobbies and interests. All conversations about a property can then be traced back to how the property is designed to help them unlock their dream lifestyle.

For instance, those who like the idea of entertaining will be much more engaged in a conversation about how the open floor plan in the kitchen helps them cater to more guests than a conversation about the lack of walls between the kitchen and the living room. Many of the wants of the client will be more about their desires than what they have done in the past. Successful people have often been too busy working to pursue their interests and hobbies. The home should be positioned as something that help them achieve some of their unfulfilled wants.

In his years of experience in Palm Beach real estate, Jack Elkins has learned that customers are doing more research prior to talking to an agent than ever before. Popular websites have made it easy for consumers to get a general feel about the state of the real estate industry in a given market. It’s important for an agent to take the time to stay ahead of the curve. If they can only spit out the same facts that the customer has already found in a Google search before the meeting, it will tarnish their credibility. Successful agents add knowledge and value to the conversation with their clients. By taking the time to understand what is most important to the client, the agent can do their homework and come prepared with talking points that appeal to their interests.

Knowing who is being sold to is critical to the success of the agent. Affluent buyers aren’t looking for cookie cutter homes. They want to find a space that is unique and secure. Consider discussing high-end upgrades such as using Multilock products.

Highlighting how a property is different is essential. Successful people like to win. They are usually competitive in nature and want to feel like they are getting a good deal. Real estate agents can do themselves and their clients a great service by highlighting the competition for the property. This is important when selling a property as well. By making it clear that many different people are looking to make an offer, it will drive up the competition and the price all at once.

Jack Elkins believes that affluent buyers want to work with a real estate agent that is as unique as the homes they are selling. It’s rare that affluent buyers will look to deal with an agent who is part of a national firm. They want to find someone who has built up a reputation on their own and reflects their personal work ethic. The way that they market themselves matters. A lot of buyers are looking to take advantage of homes that have the latest technological advancements. Real estate agents can show they know their stuff by taking advantage of the latest technology in their marketing efforts. This equates to having an updated website, social profile and even an app when applicable.

Affluent buyers also want to maintain a level of privacy and confidentiality throughout the process. Many affluent buyers are in the public eye in some capacity. It’s important that their agent not only respect their privacy through the sales process, but they find them a property that offers privacy. This can be accomplished via a gated community or ensuring that a home is surrounded by trees.