Diamondback Terrapin Turtles are currently in their Nesting Season (mid-May to mid-July) – so please be on the look-out for female Terrapins crossing our busy roads as they search for nesting spots. Since only one out of 1000 Terrapin eggs hatch and reach adulthood, you can help them to thrive by driving slowly and safely breaking for turtles. Remember: Terrapins play a very important role in the local eco-system.

What You Can Do To Help Our Terrapin Friends:

If you see a turtle nesting on your property, keep your distance and give her plenty of room to work. Then, if you would like Sea Isle Terrapin Rescue to place an “Anti-Predator” cage over the nest, please call 263-7358.

If you feel comfortable helping a turtle cross the road, please remember to carry her in the same direction she was traveling. Most importantly, always remember “Safety First” and use caution whenever you’re crossing a street.

If you see an injured turtle, please call Sea Isle Terrapin Rescue (263-7358) or the Wetlands Institute (609-368-1211) and tell them what you saw. They may be able to help the struggling Terrapin.