A big sign posted last summer in Sea Isle City reminds motorists to watch out for turtles.

Did You Know…

  • Diamondback Terrapins Turtles nest between late May and mid-July.
  • They are the only turtles that live in the brackish water of the marsh.
  • Before coastal development, they laid their eggs in the dunes by the ocean…now they lay them anywhere they can – even in people’s yards.
  • They lay 8-12 eggs and may come out to nest up to 3 times in a season.
  • Their eggs hatch 8-12 weeks later, and while some hatchlings emerge in the late Summer or early Fall, many hibernate and don’t emerge until the following Spring.
  • Only 3 eggs out of 3000 survive to become mature adults…they need our help!
  • If you see Diamondback Terrapins crossing the street, help them go in the direction they’re headed, BUT THINK “SAFETY FIRST” and always use caution whenever you step into the street.
  • Please don’t stand over turtles taking photos or videos while they are nesting…this may frighten them and they’ll walk away.
  • Vehicles cause approximately 500 terrapin deaths in this area each nesting season.
  • Other dangers to Diamondback Terrapins include boats and crab traps without Terrapin excluders, which can be obtained at any bait store and easily attached to the trap.
  • If you see an injured Terrapin, please call Susan or Steve Ahern at 609-263-7358.  If the Aherns are not available, please follow the instructions on their answering machine.

 Please drive slowly and be on the look-out for Diamondback Terrapins crossing the road!