Gary Pascual

While we may not be deep into the first month of the New Year, many people still lament that they broke their New Year’s resolutions. Typically, resolutions focus on improving something we perceive as a flaw. Whether that be losing weight or cutting back on sweets. Gary Pascual encourages people to make 2023 the year they get proactive about helping their community. Of all the potential resolutions a person can make, Gary Pascual can say from personal experience that giving back is the best way to feel better and grow as a person in the new year. Today, Gary Pascual will help outline steps to get more active in one’s community.

Gary Pascual firmly believes that the biggest hurdle to volunteering is getting started. After getting involved, Gary Pascual learned new skills that helped him personally and professionally. Younger people should always consider volunteering to gather skills that can help them build a resume. Companies love to see that a candidate has a strong work ethic, and volunteer work shows exactly that. For those new to volunteer work, local soup kitchens are a great place to get started. Almost every local soup kitchen in the United States needs more people to cook or serve their meals. Gary Pascual notes that being of service to members of the local community in need of assistance is a great way to learn about gratitude and empathy. Connecting with other volunteers can also lead to amazing friendships and professional opportunities.

In addition to local soup kitchens, local churches always seek volunteer assistance. Gary Pascual recommends visiting local churches’ websites to view the available volunteering opportunities. You do not have to be an active member of the church to assist in whatever volunteer work they offer. Those active in the church can obviously volunteer to sing in the choir or organize upcoming events, but most churches sponsor opportunities to give back in several different ways.

Gary Pascual knows that many people want to volunteer to help local kids. There are so many great ways to give back to the younger generation. Schools often run book drives or look to accumulate toys for children in need around the holidays. A lot of local schools are on the lookout for tutors that can help students earn some extra credit after school. Besides talking to the local school board, volunteers can utilize services like Big Brother Big Sister, where they can mentor a child. Kids need strong role models and every adult who volunteers gains so much from experience. Local sports teams are always in need of adults who can help out. Volunteering as a coach is a great way to pass on some of the lessons a person has learned while competing in athletics.

Finally, Gary Pascual can’t recommend giving back to animal shelters enough. Animal shelters not only benefit from people donating time to their physical location, they will also look for people to help them spread the word about animals in need of homes. Many volunteer opportunities arise, like running a social media page or updating a website. Gary Pascual recommends leaning on individual talents to make the most of any volunteering opportunity.