Hello! This is the Sea Isle News fishing report. This report will give you the where, when and how of fishing our local waters. We hope this information will help you catch the big one!

Suggested bait and tackle in this report can be obtained at any of the local fishing shops.

The “What”

Here is a list of fish (some common, some not as common) found in New Jersey waters: Blowfish, Bluefish, Croaker, Flounder, Kingfish, Ling, Perch, Sea Bass, Sea Robin, Shad Sharks, Skate, Spot, Striper(Striped bass), Weakfish, Black drum, and red drum.

The “Where”

Some suggestions for locations in/near Sea Isle:

Beach fishing (where allowed), the north end beaches near Strathmere, Corsons Inlet (far north end) and the Townsends Inlet Park at the south end of the island are excellent locations.

Bridge/Pier fishing: 59th St fishing pier, 79th St bulkhead.

Bay fishing: Along the south side of the causeway and any street end that is open to the public.

Back Bay

Summer Flounder

Fishing seems to be nearing the summertime peak, even though it’s early in the season. The water temp has warmed, which brings more variety of fish into our local waters. Anglers are reporting lots of activity! The Summer Flounder catch is hanging in there, with lots of fish caught including a good amount of keepers. Decent size Striped Bass are still around, and Kingfish continue to be plentiful. Bluefish are chasing bunker schools around, and Sea Robins are present. This week we have also seen Triggerfish making an appearance. Most of the annoying little Brown Sharks and Dogfish have moved on.

The main take right now are Flounder.  Minnows and cut squid are the hottest bait, but many are reported being caught on (pink or white) bucktails and Gulp (shrimp).  Bluefish in the 2 – 3 pound range are still schooling in the bay and will bite on just about anything but prefer cut bait (bunker).  Early morning and night  fishermen have still been hooking Striped Bass using surface lures (I prefer Yosuri poppers) on the sod banks, and live Eel or fresh clam in deeper water. Triggerfish can be caught using  squid as bait with smaller (#4 or #6) hooks – very similar to Flounder fishing.

A good spot to catch all these fish mentioned is the Tonsends Inlet Park on the south end, Corsons Inlet on the north end (Strathmere) and the 59th St fishing pier.

Piers and Bridges


As the water is beginning to warm, mostly Flounder, Blues, Sea Robin, and Triggerfish are being taken from the piers/bridges. Striped bass are hooked in the early morning or evening, and mostly at the top of the tide. Flounder and Triggerfish can be caught using squid as bait on smaller hooks (Flounder also like minnows). Cut bait (bunker or squid) for Blues and Sea Robins.


Kingfish were kings of the beach again this week!  Like last season, Kingfish continue to be plentiful quality; many in the 1+ pound range. Bloodworms on an over/under rig are the bait of choice. A day at the beach catching Kingfish is always a great day!

Stripers are being caught – most in the schooly-size (under 28 inches) but bigger, keeper size are here and being caught in the surf and (more often) in the inlets – usually in the early mornings or evenings.  Fresh clam and live eel are the bait of choice. Sunrise and sunset, at the top of the tide is the best time.

A surprising number of Weakfish are being caught this year. Weakfish will bite on bloodworms also (like Kingfish). They are a beautiful fish, and very good eating!

The sun is shining, the water is getting warmer, so get out there and fish!