Courtney Galluzzo

Courtney Galluzzo owned and operated a small, local group of radio stations in New Hampshire. In the following article, Courtney Galluzzo discusses how local radio is adapting to changing media landscapes in the digital age.

2023: a year alive with countless streaming services and brand-new social media platforms forming out of thin air. Digital media is at the forefront of every single online native’s mind, yet nothing has quite stood the test of time like the reliable, oh-so-resilient radio, a media form that’s very much alive, well, and important in this otherwise virtual era.

As the internet and huge nationwide media empires took off, it seemed as though smaller, localized broadcasting stations were at risk of being pulled under by the ensuing tidal wave.

But, Courtney Galluzzo of New Hampshire says that not only do these stations exist today, they are positively thriving. In a society otherwise drenched with globalized, standardized media, local radio acts as the comforting, much-needed layer, eliciting warmth, relatability, and togetherness.

And, of course, it brings advertising opportunities that many modern-day companies fail to tap into.

Courtney Galluzzo on Driving Action

If it wasn’t already evident, radio is a powerful beast. Its ability to connect people is unlike anything the internet or technology has created since. It’s a force that doesn’t just educate or inform, it promotes local culture, businesses, and communities. And thus, drives action like nothing else.

Courtney Galluzzo explains that radio can touch emotions, tug on heart strings, and resonate with people to encourage them to act on the words they’re hearing. Whether taking action means visiting a nearby museum, attending a community fair, or helping raise money for a local charity, there’s nothing like the voice of a trusted radio host to urge listeners to do it.

Frequent, Effective Community Advertising

The specialized message that only radio can deliver makes it one of the most effective tools for business advertising. Company messages resonate more when it’s spoken directly to the local audience. And the fact that radio hosts often have a loyal following means people are even more likely to trust the ad.

Courtney Galluzzo of New Hampshire says that repetition also plays a key factor in the effectiveness of its advertising endeavors. Hosts repeatedly remind listeners about the brands they mention, ensuring everybody in the area knows about the services or products, understands the business’s credibility, and encourages engagement.

Countless Promotional Opportunities

Even in 2023, when the world is littered with a myriad of formats to advertise businesses, radio is one of the most versatile — a fact that has undoubtedly contributed to its lasting resilience.

Courtney Galluzzo notes that local radio offers flexibility to effectively engage consumers, quick message adjustments, and the frequency (quite literally) with which to constantly remind audiences of the business. To this day, company owners have a wealth of ways to leverage radio for their promotional activities, including but not limited to:

  • Sponsoring a segment of a popular show.
  • Helping to sponsor an event within the community alongside the local station.
  • Buying an advertisement package for prerecorded slots.
  • Asking a community-loved radio host to deliver the message from their personal perspective.
  • Requesting a radio influencer post about the business on their social media pages.

Courtney GalluzzoThe Ever-Adapting Medium

Consider radio the chameleon of the media world; it’s managed to adapt flawlessly to its ever-changing technological surroundings, becoming accessible through everything from computers, phones, laptops, and smart speakers. Whatever device people have and whenever they want something soothing to keep their brain company, they can tune into their favorite radio station.

Courtney Galluzzo of New Hampshire say that marketing ploys and technology itself evolves over time, but radio has withstood the grueling test. Even with all the new forms of media and promotional materials, local stations remain one of the most effective ways to reach a community.

This was proven in recent, unprecedented times — the COVID-19 pandemic. On-air radio talent pivoted, without much resistance, to live-streaming shows from the safety of their own homes. Not only did this allow hosts to keep working, but it also offered a calming oasis during an otherwise unavoidably stressful period.

And somehow, it managed to be a restorative, relaxing place while also providing the information people needed to stay safe, whether they needed to venture out into the world or not.

Radio: The Community-Minded, Highly Influential Medium That Is Certainly Here to Stay

Courtney Galluzzo of New Hampshire reports that it’s been a constant in human life for over a century, so it’s unlikely (thankfully) that anything will stop it now.