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During the “Administration Report” portion of the February 28 City Council meeting; a representative from EMS Consulting Services, of Hammonton, NJ, updated Council on the City’s current Ambulance Corps Study. EMS Consulting Services, which was hired by the City to fully evaluate our current medical response services, has recommended that the City change from a Volunteer Ambulance Corps to a paid medical response system.  This will result in EMTs and other first responders being added to the City’s payroll.

 Also during the Administration Report, Mayor Desiderio updated City Council on the Sea Isle Boulevard elevation project, at which time the Mayor reported that the north-side of the causeway (the portion that has already been elevated) will be paved in mid-to-late March and “rumble strips” will be added to the new road surface for safety. However, after the north-side of the road is paved this spring, no construction activity will be permitted to take place until after the Osprey’s breeding season.  Nonetheless, we can all look forward to driving on the north-side of the causeway in September.

Four ordinances were introduced during the February 28 meeting, including…

  • Ordinance 1603, which authorized the use of existing unspent bond appropriations to pay for needed expenditures such as a new flat bed truck, a new dump truck and a “Dingo” utility loader, which will help Public Works crews maintain our beach entrances. Using the surplus funds will avoid creating new debt for the City.
  • Ordinance 1606, which is a Bond Ordinance providing for various capital improvements, including the demolition of the former fire house on West Jersey Avenue and the annex on the east-side of the former public school building on Park Road, city-wide road reconstruction, building improvements to City buildings and facilities, construction of kayak and paddleboard launch and storage sites, and the construction of a new City clock.

Each of the resolutions on the February 28 agenda was approved, including…

  • Resolution 037, which introduced the City’s 2017 Municipal Budget. The public hearing of Resolution 037 will take place on March 28 at 10:00 a.m.
  • Resolution 039, which authorized the use of Tennis Fee Trust Funds for the regular maintenance and re-coating of the Dealy Field tennis courts, and the purchase of a new lawn mower.
  • Resolution 044, which awarded a contract for the City’s Beach Tag Mobile App to Viply LLC.

During the “New Business” portion of the February 28 meeting, a discussion occurred regarding the Cape May County Toll Bridge Commission’s proposed cost increases to pay for the use of E-Z Pass on our county bridges. City Council intends to create and pass a resolution in opposition of this proposal in an effort to avoid the dramatic rate increases that accompany the County’s plan.

Our next City Council meeting will take place at 10:00 a.m. on March 14 — we hope to see you there!

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