Carlo Dobrich

Carlo Dobrich is a winter sports enthusiast and avid snowmobiler. Mr. Dobrich makes a point of hitting new trails each year and below he’s named the “must ride” destinations in the US to add to your bucket list.

Are you gearing up for some serious thrills this winter season? There’s nothing more exhilarating for winter outdoor enthusiasts than snowmobiling. Whether you’re speeding on a wide plain, blasting off jumps, or cruising down a mountain face, we guarantee you’ll get a rush of adrenaline that other winter activities can’t compete with.

However, Carlo Dobrich aptly notes you can’t just snowmobile anywhere – you need to learn the absolute best spots in this country and make plans to travel as soon as possible.

Here are some of the hands-down best places to snowmobile this winter season.


Need we say more? Carlo Domenico Dobrich says Yellowstone is akin to Mecca for many outdoors enthusiasts and certainly a prime location for all active snowmobiling fans.

Snowmobiles in Yellowstone are available for rent and made with quieter engines, so visitors can see more wildlife as they shred powder. If you spend a whole day at Yellowstone, from sun-up to sun-down, you’ll have the chance to see some of the park’s most unique residents, like bighorn sheep and bald eagles.

Priest Lake, Idaho

The Elkins Resort in Priest Lake, Idaho, provides another opportunity to immerse yourself in the wilderness while enjoying a ride on the edge of your seat. When you stay in a cabin at Elkins resort, the trail heads forge themselves right outside your door! You essentially have the freedom to roam where you will, and you retain the liberty to explore the entire resort and the greater Priest Lake area whenever you would like.

There is plenty of unique terrains to explore and plenty of well-furrowed paths that lead up to the mountains and beyond. You may also see grizzly bears, eagles, bobcats. You could even see the Northern Lights if you venture out at night and time it right!

Mount Snow, Vermont

The Green Mountains in Vermont offer a versatile landscape for snowmobiling. While this mountain range might not sound like it offers great snowmobiling, its crown-jewel Mount Snow lives up to its name.

This ski resort is one of the best ski mountains in the Northeast and caters to visitors of all snowmobiling caliber, from beginners to experts. This is the true beauty of Mount Snow. Everyone has an equal footing on the landscape, with plenty of different terrains to cover during your trip.

The further you travel down the trails, the more opportunities you have to explore the unique pathways within the scenic Green Mountains.


The great white north is yours to explore when you visit Alaska this winter. The terrain is less rocky in more places, and more still like plains of snow and ice, which makes for a very fun experience racing your friends or just traveling long distances to explore the landscape.

The truth of the Alaskan landscape is that travel is best when you are using a snowmobile, according to Carlo Dobrich, so there are plenty of opportunities to rent and ride a day or more of fun out in the wilderness.

Katahdin, Maine

The Katahdin Region of Maine hosts nearly 400 miles of landscape and wilderness to explore and some of the most beautiful winter-time scenery for your viewing pleasure. This is one of the better-maintained and traditional locations to ride through, and you can take many guided and self-guided tours throughout the region. There is a huge network of trails to discover for days and the perfect experience for newcomers ready to get into the sport.

Additionally, Mr. Dobrich says this is a great local area to explore on your own and meet new friends. There’s a very deeply engrained snowmobiling culture in the community and tons of local interest in snowmobiling and outdoor expeditions.

Adirondack Mountains, NY

You’ll find that upstate New York is one of the most scenic territories to travel through, where trails will often connect a chain of nearby towns and villages up to 750 miles altogether. When traveling in the ADK region, you can expect a snowmobiling opportunity in almost every town. Close your eyes, point a finger to the map, and chart your next destination- it’s that simple.

If you ever find a location might be too crowded during your stay, you can switch it up and move around the region for a wholly unique experience.

Carlo Domenico Dobrich


There are many prime snowmobiling spots in Colorado. However, the two fan favorites every year always tend to be Camp Hale and Steamboat Springs. You’ll get your money’s worth at both locations, though both offer unique history and trails for you to discover:

  • Camp Hale was a military encampment where infantrymen learned to fight in the Alps in WWII. You can take a tour called “Top of the Rockies” that lives up to expectations.
  • Steamboat Springs offer many generous packages for daily tours, meals, and other hospitalities when you plan your visit.

Discover Your Next Adventure

After taking a look at the top destinations for your snowmobiling get-away, Carlo Domenico Dobrich knows you’re anxious to plan your trip this winter. Don’t settle for any snowmobiling destination – choose a location that offers you scenic views, epic trails to explore, and opportunities to spot wildlife. You really can’t go wrong with any of the destinations on this list!