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Buddy Schum of Bucks County is a life-long resident of the area and avid Philly sports fan. In the following article, Buddy Schum discusses the Philadelphia Eagles’ stent at this years’ Super Bowl.

2023 got off to a great start for the Philadelphia Eagles, who earned their place at Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, February 12. It marked their first Super Bowl since the 2017 season when they won the franchise’s first-ever Super Bowl by defeating the New England Patriots that year.

But, as any NFL fan will know, they didn’t just end up at the biggest game by chance. It takes guts, determination, and skill for any team to land a spot playing at the prestigious event — and Buddy Schum of Bucks County says that the Philadelphia Eagles have proven to have all that in spades.

A Look Back at the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2017 Super Bowl Appearance

Buddy Schum of Bucks County reports that 2017 marked the Eagles’ 85th season in the National Football League, their 15th playing at Lincoln Financial Field for home games, and their second with head coach Doug Pederson.

After earning a 7-9 record in 2016, they improved throughout 2017, ending with a 13-3 record — no wonder they found their way to Super Bowl LII!

Beforehand, six Eagles players were invited to the Pro Bowl. However, none of them accepted as they were preparing to head to the Super Bowl reports Buddy Schum of Bucks County.

At the nationally loved event, the team defeated the New England Patriots, ending with a score of 41-33, earning their first Super Bowl victory. The match was the second time the Eagles and Patriots battled it out in a Super Bowl — XXXIX saw the Patriots win 24-21.

The Eagles won against two teams that had previously beaten them in the Super Bowl, becoming the first team since the Dallas Cowboys in 1995 to avenge a loss against a team who defeated them in a previous Super Bowl matchup.

How the Philadelphia Eagles Made It to the 2023 Super Bowl Appearance

Buddy Schum of Bucks County says that even though the nation’s favorite event has now been and gone, many mega fans will be interested to note how the team earned their spot (if they haven’t already drawn their own conclusions).

The Philadelphia Eagles ended the regular season with a 14-3 record, claiming the NFC East divisional title and acquiring the top seed in the NFC. This outstanding result made this season the first time they won over ten games since 2017.

After opening a perfect 8-0, the team lost to Washington in week ten and then sat at 13-1 before losing two out of three of their final regular season matches.

Buddy Schum of Bucks County also reports that the team got the first-round bye in the playoffs, dominating their last couple of opponents by over 24 points each.

During the Divisional Round, they flawed the crowd by wiping out their near-and-dear rival, the New York Giants, finalizing that game with a 38-7 record.

At the NFC Championship Game, the Eagles offense and Jalen Hurts racked up 31 points against the 49ers’ 7 in another dominant display of skill and capabilities.

Speaking of the quarterback, Jalen Hurts was one of the team’s top performers this season, throwing an all-new career-high of 22 touchdown passes. However, that wasn’t even his greatest stat — Hurts rushed for 13 touchdowns in 15 regular games, coming in second place for the most rush touchdowns this year.

Buddy Schum of Bucks County reports that the highly skilled QB was one of three Eagles to claim double-digit touchdowns throughout the season, joined by wide receiver A.J. Brown and running back Miles Sanders.

On the defense side of things, the Philadelphia Eagles led the entire National Football League with 70 sacks this season. Haason Reddick, linebacker, finished tied in second place for most sacks with 16 total.

Super Bowl LVII: Philadelphia Eagles’ Performance

After the stellar performance seen by all team members throughout the regular season, heading to Super Bowl LVII seemed inevitable.

However, it didn’t end quite how the team (or fans) hoped explains Buddy Schum of Bucks County.

After an adrenaline-pumping back-and-forth ordeal, the Kansas City Chiefs ended up defeating the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday with a final score of 38-35.

The points were flying around at all angles, showing fans why they deserved to be there. The game started at a sprint-like pace and didn’t let up for the entire match, with strong offensive lines on either side.

Buddy Schum of Bucks County says that despite falling shy of the win, Jalen Hurts put on his own spectacular show, with a passing touchdown and three rushing touchdowns. And when the team was down 35-27 midway through the final quarter? Hurts snagged a two-yard rushing touchdown, complementing it with a two-point conversion to tie it to 35.