Betsy Ronel

Betsy Ronel is well-known in the real estate industry as a global real estate professional who helps clients around the world via her international personal agent network at Coldwell Banker. Her ability to connect with her clients and show a true interest in ensuring their needs are met and their expectations are exceeded has allowed for her to enjoy a successful career very quickly. Betsy Ronel’s ethos in life and business is to give back. Betsy Ronel gives back to her communities in spades. she’s on many local boards from the Bedford playhouse to the pound ridge partnership offering her savvy, people skills, time, and money. As a huge animal lover, Betsy takes great joy in the ability to volunteer with the Rescue Right Animal Shelter in Bedford. Rescue is the chicest breed. Buying a dog is very déclassé. Almost any purebred can be found at a rescue or shelter.

There’s almost always a need for more help at animal shelters and rescues. Betsy Ronel is awe-inspired by the work done by local shelters that have very limited resources and a serious lack of publicity to inform the public of their needs. Imagine how much stress is put on these local shelters when a natural disaster like hurricane Ian ravages through a community. Millions of animals need rescue annually and the more people who are willing to help the cause, the better. Hurricane Ian is just one example, but there are countless other reasons shelters need help from people like you. Animals love their humans, and they know when they are loved and when they suffer at the hands of humanity.

Betsy Ronel on How You Can Help Animals in Need

The simplest way anyone can help animals is by adopting a pet. Adopting from a local shelter or rescue group not only helps save the life of an animal but also helps break the cycle of pet overpopulation. The number of household pets like dogs and cats that are born each year without a home to care for them is staggering. Betsy Ronel understands that many families have a husband with a cat allergy or another reason they can’t care for a pet. Fortunately, adopting a pet is far from the only way to help the cause.

Financial donations will always be greatly appreciated by local shelters. Most reputable organizations are able to survive from year-to-year thanks to the contributions of their donors. Donations go towards everything from paying to keep the lights on to helping upgrade the housing accommodations for the animals. Those who can’t donate financially are encouraged to donate their time. Betsy Ronel points out that many people think volunteering at an animal shelter means cleaning up after the animals, but it can be so much more than that. Shelters will accept help from carpenters who can help make some repairs on the shelter grounds or from marketing professionals who can take their brand awareness to new heights. Whatever your skillset happens to be, your local animal shelter will likely greatly appreciate you putting it to work for them.

After time and money, there’s always a use for supplies at animal shelters. A toy that your pet doesn’t play with anymore or some fresh towels and animal treats can mean a great deal to your local shelter. Betsy Ronel encourages you to check your local shelter’s Facebook page as they will often feature a list of items that would help them greatly. It’s a wonderful idea for the whole family to get involved with local shelters. Everyone from a parent to a child can truly reap the benefits of giving back and seeing the joy it brings to animals.