A homeowner at this duplex at 7004 Central Ave. will install an elevator for his wife who needs it to go up the three floors.


Sea Isle City’s Zoning Board voted to approve a lift for a three-story home and extend a deck.

During a virtual meeting Monday night, homeowner, Daniel O’Hara, of a 7004 Central Ave., asked the board to approve a hardship application which included variances to construct the elevator and enlarge the deck of the three-story, two-family home.

O’Hara told the board that for health reasons, his wife uses a chair lift to get from one floor to the other, which, he said, has become increasingly difficult.

“Right now, we have a chair lift getting us to the foyer and the other to the second floor and another for the third floor bedroom,” O’Hara told the board members. “It has been helpful, but has become a challenge. We are looking for an easier way of doing this and this vertical platform lift will be an easier answer.”

Don Wilkinson, O’Hara’s attorney, explained that the project would need zoning variances for rear and side yard setbacks as well as one for increased floor space.

The applicant asked the board to approve 12 feet 9 inches for the side yard when 15 feet is required. He also sought to decrease the 20 feet required to 15 feet for the rear yard setback.

Wilkinson explained to the board that the O’Haras as well as the other duplex owner, James Hamlett and Maryanne McCafferty, jointly made the request.

Zoning Board Chairman Pat Pasceri asked, “What is the reason for the five foot extension of the deck? It is already 10 feet now.”

O’Hara explained that by extending the deck for the lift, it would give them more room without negatively impacting the adjoining neighbors.

“The extra 5 feet on the deck I guess will make it a little safer,” Pasceri responded. “Good luck with the project.”

Zoning Board Member Bill McGinn said when voting to approve the project, “Due to the location on the wetlands, it is not obstructing anybody’s view. I went to look at the property, so yes.”