Joe Logan opted to go right to work after high school in the financial field. (Photo provided by Joe Logan)


At just 21, Joe Logan isn’t a recent college graduate, or even has aspirations of going on to higher education.

And when looking at his resume, already highlighting his experience in the financial world, it would seem that this Gloucester Township resident is onto something.

“I was never someone who was really interested in school or anything like that. I think it’s for some people, but not everyone,” Logan said in a recent interview. “The only time that I can concentrate on learning something is when I can see a direct benefit to me or my career.”

So, Logan, who is a loan officer at Republic Bank in Marlton, got right down to business. He went straight to work after high school, to start making money for his future and helping others with theirs.

“Really, when I was in high school, all I could think about when it came to college was the amount credits were, plus the annual interest rate on top of them and how much debt I’d be in after. I prefer practical experience.”

Practical experience it is and it also comes with a lot of stress. But that is when he thrives, he said.

And the long hours, hard work and dedication shows in the help he gives to the clients he serves.

“When people are going through the most stressful, largest purchase of their lives, they can trust that I am going to do everything possible to get it done and not make them hate the process,” Logan explained.

He continued, “It’s not fun gathering paperwork and getting asked a lot of questions, but it can be less bad.”

Joe Logan is a loan officer in the mortgage center for Republic Bank in Marlton.

For now, Logan sees his future as a tremendous way to learn and grow in real estate, banking and lending.

“Republic Bank has given me the opportunity to learn and grow and I really love my job. It’s not something a lot of people can say,” he noted.

Logan said of his work ethic, “Ask anyone around me, I never say I’m stressed or I’m busy. I never complain because No. 1, I love it and No. 2, in comparison to the Elon Musks and Jeff Bezos, I’m sure I’m not actually all that busy.”

But all day, every day, he is getting loans to closing or getting new ones in or getting notifications that loans went to the next stage of processing.

That makes for a busy day, Logan noted.

And his philosophy in dealing with the workload is simple in theory, and for Logan, it is also applied daily.

“I know the harder I work, the more I’ll have done at the end of the night and the better I’ll feel about how I used my day,” he said. “I think what sets me apart is that I don’t get overwhelmed, I don’t get stressed. I just get the work done and keep rolling.”

Logan can be reached at the mortgage center for Republic Bank in Marlton via email or his cellphone at 856-430-3945.