Under Sheriff Bob Nolan was spotted having dinner with some friends including: Cape May County Freeholder and SIC Mayor Len Desiderio; Ocean City Councilmen Keith Hartzell, Antwan McClellan, and Bob Barr; Fratelli's Owner Bujar Daku; Eric Nolan; and Michelle Eggleston (not show here).

You never know who you might run into at Fratelli’s.  Their wood fire pizza has created quite the following.   On this particular Tuesday night it attracted a group of Cape May County and City officials who wanted a great meal after a variety of meetings.

Their dinner among friends certainly had a jovial sound to it as they knocked back a few family style appetizers and then some gourmet pizza’s.

Bob Nolan was heard saying “After that meal, I am going to need to walk even harder tomorrow”.  He was making fun of the fact that he is actively campaigning for the Cape May County Sheriff seat that is being vacated by Gary Schaffer, who announced his retirement earlier this year.

Bujar Daku stands in front of the $40,000 domed oven that is the centerpiece of his Fratelli’s Pizzeria in Sea Isle.

Trimmed in Mediterranean-style décor, Fratelli’s falls somewhere in between fine dining and casual dining.

The centerpiece of Fratelli’s is a $40,000 domed oven imported from Italy, made of volcanic ash and capable of cooking pizzas in just three minutes.

“It cooks pizzas crisp on both the top and bottom,” Daku said. “A lot of other ovens will cook pizzas on the top but not the bottom or on the bottom but not the top.”

Fratelli’s features an array of gourmet pizzas made from what Daku described as a special, healthier type of flour. It also has grilled foods, salads and homemade gelato.

“Fratelli”, an Italian word, translates to “brothers” in English.  For Daku’s restaurant, the family-inspired name is certainly appropriate. His brother, wife, son, daughter, sister-in-law and other relatives help him run this as well as his other eateries.

They are located at: 35 50th St in Sea Isle City, NJ. Phone:(609) 478-6800 for reservations, or just walk-in.