The office building at Dealy Field for Sea Isle City's Recreation Department is coated with some snow. (Photo courtesy of Sea Isle City)

A storm that arrived in the early morning hours Friday proved to be a mere nuisance compared to the colossal nor’easter that dumped about a foot of snow on Sea Isle City on Monday.

Mike Jargowsky, the city’s emergency management coordinator, said there were accumulations of about 3 inches of snow, perhaps a little more, from the overnight storm.

“It was out of here by 7 or 8 in the morning,” he said. “The roads are clear, for the most part. They were out plowing.”

There were cold, gusty winds, but no reports of damage Friday. Jargowsky characterized it as a “typical” winter storm at the shore.

In contrast, Sea Isle was pummeled by rain, sleet, about 12 inches of snow, gusty winds and flooding from a major storm Monday as it moved up the coast.