Sea Isle City Business Administrator George Savastano, pictured with Public Information Officer Katherine Custer, will perform the same duties for Ocean City under a proposed shared services agreement between both towns.

Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian’s statement on Ocean City, Sea Isle City business administrator:

I will ask City Council tonight to extend the shared services agreement with Sea Isle City for George Savastano to work as our business administrator and municipal engineer.

Under a short-term agreement this summer, George has been extremely effective in project management, budget control, and in leading the city team. I’m very excited by the potential of what we can accomplish together over the next four years.

The agreement represents a substantial savings to both towns, and the shared knowledge and resources will be invaluable. With George’s intimate knowledge of Ocean City and his experience as an engineer, we are able to combine two positions and get more effective leadership at the same time.  

I know Sea Isle City Mayor Lenny Desiderio is equally excited, and both of us will continue to look for more opportunities for shared services on behalf of our taxpayers.

 Fact Sheet

Current salary as Sea Isle City business administrator: $159,750.

Salary as of Sept. 1, if agreement is approved: $184,000.

Ocean City’s cost share: $8,000 monthly for business administrator services and $5,000 monthly for municipal engineer services.

Sea Isle City’s cost share: $2,333 monthly, plus all costs for health and employee benefits, vehicle, pension and other legacy costs.