From left to right: Jen Sos, Kayla Schaal, Tiffany Caputo, Kelly Desiderio, Nancy Boyle, Denise Schaal, and Craig Schaal are all having a good time on the beach after a fun night out on the town

By Maddy Vitale

Forget about lugging beach chairs, umbrellas, inflatable rafts or even boogie boards to the beaches in Sea Isle City.

They will have them for you.

“One of our goals as City employees is to ensure that everyone’s time in Sea Isle City is as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Naturally, the beach is our most important attraction, and giving beach-goers more options enhances their time on the sand,” said Katherine Custer, spokeswoman for Sea Isle. “If you don’t have a beach chair while on vacation, you can rent one from the beach concession vendors and make the most of your day on the beach.”

Beachgoers enjoyed concessions last year and city officials said they will be available again this year.

During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, bids were rejected for beach concessions.

However, Vicki Pittaluga, assistant purchasing agent for the city, confirmed Wednesday that the concessions are going out for re-bid.

“We are accepting bids on April 17. We will know later on that day and will be awarding them at the April 24 City Council meeting,” Pittaluga said.

She explained that a vendor forgot to include a required document in the initial bid package, which is why it had to go back out for re-bid.

Bid areas for beach concessions are in three locations, 29th to 44th streets, 45th to 70th streets and 71st to 89th streets, Pittaluga said.

Kayak and paddle board concessions are available through a contract to Harbor Outfitters out of Stone Harbor awarded in a two-year contract last year, Pittaluga said.

Families enjoy the Sea Isle beaches. Beach chair rentals are an added bonus.