Park Road is getting new decorative lighting to continue the city's project to brighten and enhance the community with Victorian-style lamp posts. (Photo courtesy City of Sea Isle City)


Sea Isle City is beautifying the business district with new decorative lighting. First, the city added new lights to the Promenade and now it is brightening up the downtown, Park Road and other commercial areas with attractive, Victorian-style lamp posts.

Decorative lighting already illuminates the John F. Kennedy Boulevard entranceway and some of the blocks along Landis Avenue in the heart of downtown.

New lighting is also being installed in other areas around the downtown district and other commercial areas, creating an even more inviting place to shop, dine and enjoy the sights.

Currently, workers are installing lighting that will brighten up Park Road — home to the historic Fish Alley neighborhood.

Mike Monichetti and his wife, Jeannie, owners of Mike’s Seafood & Dock Restaurant on Park Road, are happy to see the improvements that will highlight the beauty of the marina district.

“We’re very appreciative that the mayor (Leonard Desiderio) is enhancing the appeal of Mike’s Seafood’s Fish Alley,” Monichetti said about his popular restaurant at the entrance to Fish Alley. “Sea Isle is fortunate to have a mayor and an administration that supports the business community as much as they do.”

He said the lighting creates a special touch.

“They have a classy look to them. They add much-needed light to showcase a very popular street,” Monichetti noted. “The back bay marina district is a true gem. The new streetlights certainly highlight a vibrant working seaport.”

Decorative lighting along Landis Avenue beautifies the business corridor.

According to the city’s newsletter, City Council awarded a contract on Dec. 10 for decorative lighting in locations throughout Sea Isle as follows:

  • Park Road from JFK Boulevard to 44th Street (both sides of street)
  • Landis Avenue from 49th Street to 51st Street (both sides of street)
  • Landis Avenue from 59th Street to 65th Street (west side of street)
  • 63rd Street, Landis Avenue to Central Avenue (both sides of street)

The contract was awarded to Janney Electric, of Estell Manor, in the amount of $997,350.

Sea Isle Public Information Officer Katherine Custer said of the decorative lighting project, “Already, the lights that have been added to Park Road have enhanced the environment.”

She added, “Everyone is looking forward to seeing this project completed and it will be beautiful when it is done.”

The city is urging pedestrians to be aware that some sidewalks, grassy areas and stone patches will be disrupted during the project, and to use caution.

The beautification of Park Road follows the Promenade lighting project, which transformed the popular oceanfront walkway for strollers and bicyclists into a more attractive, brighter and safer area.

The decorative lights replaced the utilitarian streetlight-looking lights that are believed to be at least 40 years old.

New lighting was installed on the Promenade from 35th Street to 44th Street. The project also includes a public address system.

City Council awarded the contract for the Promenade project in February 2019 to Delta Line Construction, of Egg Harbor Township, in the amount of $843,300.

New lighting on the Promenade replaces the basic, dated fixtures. (Photo courtesy City of Sea Isle City)