Construction during the summer will not be allowed to start before 8 a.m. under a new ordinance approved by City Council.


Sea Isle City is tightening controls on contractors to improve the quality of life for local residents and visitors.

One ordinance will prohibit the workers from starting construction before 8 a.m. Previously it was 7 a.m.

Another measure will bar workers from unloading construction materials from boats on street ends along the bayfront, which will keep that intrusive type of activity out of residential neighborhoods.

The two laws were adopted following a second reading and public hearing at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

Sea Isle City Public Information Officer Katherine Custer explained that the first ordinance, No. 1638, was written to tighten the city’s construction requirements.

It entails changing the allowable morning start time for construction during the summer season from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m.

It also addresses some parking regulation issues, clarifies water fees and other “housekeeping” types of changes, she said.

Custer explained why it is important to the city that these changes, specifically involving construction times in the summer, are in place.

“The change gives people more quiet time in the morning – especially if they are living near a property that is under construction,” Custer pointed out. “Many people come to Sea Isle City simply to relax, and sleeping in later than usual while on vacation is important to many folks.”

She added that while the city administration initially suggested the concept of a time change, both the administration and City Council agreed to it.

New construction restrictions will also help to protect residential neighborhoods along the bayfront.

The other ordinance involving quality of life issues is intended to improve public safety and also to reduce disruption in local neighborhoods, officials said.

Ordinance No. 1639 was written to establish “No Loading or Unloading Zones” on or around bay street ends, preventing boats from loading and off-loading equipment over city bulkheads.

According to the ordinance, “loading and unloading of goods and material by commercial vehicles/boats on bay street curbs threatens to impede in the future (of) the ability of fire trucks and ambulances to access the area as required to respond to emergency and fire calls.”

The ordinance continues to read, “this unloading of goods and material by vehicles/boats on bay street curbs can cause, among other things, excessive noise and congestion in an area not designated or designed for such activity.”

As part of the measure, the city stated in the ordinance that “no loading and unloading on all sides of bay street curbs and from the bay is in the best interest of the public safety, (except for governmental vehicles, and emergency personnel.)”