Cashless parking will be the way to go this summer in Sea Isle with the ParkMobile app.

Parking fees are in effect May 15 through Labor Day in Sea Isle City.

Spaces that require parking fees during those dates are clearly numbered. You do not have to pay to park in spaces that do not have numbers.

Sea Isle City no longer accepts cash payments for parking fees. Parking fees are paid via the ParkMobile App. ParkMobile can be found in both Google and Apple App Stores.

If you do not have a smart phone or the ParkMobile App, you can pay for parking by phoning the ParkMobile Service Line (877-727-5304) when you park your vehicle, at which time you can pay using a credit card over the phone.

A service fee of 35 cents will be applied when paying for parking via ParkMobile. However, if you need to extend the time you are using an individual parking space, you will not be charged an additional service fee to extend a parking session.

Sea Isle City’s parking fee is 25 cents for 15 minutes. When you park your vehicle, please look for signage that will indicate the allowable amount of time permitted in that area.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: To avoid parking fines, only park in legal spaces – and when parking in private driveways, do no block sidewalks or any pedestrian areas.

For more information about parking in Sea Isle City, go to the “Parking” page at (