TJ Heist, owner of the boat and jet ski club Jet Drive Exchange in Ocean City, has not only expanded his fleet for the 2020 summer season, he has added a location in Sea Isle City.

The concept of the club is to give water enthusiasts the benefits and enjoyment that go along with boat and jet ski ownership, minus the hassles.

With the membership comes the rewards. Boaters and jet skiers need not worry about maintenance, fueling up, cleaning, a slip fee or winterizing, Heist said.

The boat, or jet ski, is fueled up and ready to go. All a member has to do is reserve a time slot.

The boat clubs in Ocean City and Sea Isle are reciprocal, so members essentially get two memberships in one.

Fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing or just lounging around are some of the options aboard a boat. There are also jet skis for watercraft enthusiasts.

“We just moved to a new location in Ocean City. The new location allows us to expand our fleet and gives the members a space of their own,” Heist said.

Heist, 27, who has his captain’s license, emphasized that members must sign an agreement, have a boating safety certificate and boating license, and everyone aboard must sign waivers.

In Ocean City, in the third year of Jet Drive Exchange, the move to 320 Bay Avenue from another Bay Avenue location allows members more choices, Heist noted.

Sea Isle City residents and visitors may also enjoy Jet Drive Exchange at Pier 88 Marina at 8800 Sounds Ave.

“We have two boats and two jet skis there to offer members for the first year,” Heist said of the new Sea Isle location. “We have a center console and a ski boat. We will add more boats and jet skis to the fleet as the membership grows.”

The season begins in May and runs through October. An advantage for club members is access to both the Ocean City and Sea Isle locations.

Jet ski enthusiasts can spend a summer on the water as club members.

Heist said the boats range from 19 feet to 23 feet. For a one-time activation fee and a choice from an array of packages offered by Jet Drive Exchange, a vacation at the shore could include all the fun of boats and jet skis without having to pay a daily rental charge.

The cost for packages varies, and averages about 60 percent less than what it would cost to own the boats and jet skis.

The cost for a membership varies, but a one-time activation fee ranges from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on the package. Packages range from $1,000 for the season to $2,750.

Currently, Jet Drive Exchange is running a spring special for $1,000 to $1,500 off new memberships.

The membership is growing.

“This is our third season as Jet Drive Exchange,” Heist said. “Every year that we’ve been in business, we’ve added more boats and jet skis and more members have joined. People come back year after year and the growth of the fleet shows that people are really finding value in this.”

Heist makes sure to keep his inventory new and enticing for his clientele.

Water skiing and wakeboarding are popular activities Jet Drive Exchange members enjoy.

Jet Drive Exchange is adding new boats to the Ocean City fleet.

“We have a couple of ski boats for wakeboarding and waterskiing, center console fishing boats and a pontoon boat for cruising around the back bays,” he said.

He continued, “We are adding at least three more boats and three more jet skis, so we will be up to seven or eight boats and six to eight jet skis.”

Also new this year is an additional time slot. Since Heist opened Jet Drive Exchange three years ago, the club members could reserve three-hour slots. New for this year, members may book a spot for up to seven hours.

Members have an option for double-booking so they can spend more time on the water,” Heist said. “For an avid fisherman who wants to go out for the day, they will have the option.”

For more information visit or call (609) 224-1773.

TJ Heist, pictured, says boat and jet ski club members get perks of ownership without the hassles.