Members of AARP Chapter 710 of Sea Isle City enjoy many activities throughout the year, including community luncheons. (Photo courtesy of Sea Isle City)

By Maddy Vitale

The word “retired” is almost a misnomer for members of Sea Isle City’s AARP Chapter 710.

The members are busy with an array of activities from luncheons to special events to fundraising. The number of awards the chapter has received in the past year illustrates it.

“During this past year our AARP has received several Community Service Awards, recognizing Chapter 710’s organization for outstanding commitment, working together for the betterment of our community, and volunteering our time and effort to help others in the community,” said Sea Isle City’s AARP President Frank Roach.

Members also take part in a Wellness Program consisting of healthy lifestyle choices, prescription and over-the-counter medications, and taking control of their health.

They also go on outings, luncheons, dinners and attend two monthly meetings a month at the city’s Community Lodge, which feature a buffet and bingo.

All chapter members receive a monthly newsletter that is distributed at the meetings and also emailed out by Roach. The letter is filled with information about events and news about AARP.

Frank Roach, of Upper Township, is the president of AARP Chapter 710.

AARP Chapter 710 is involved in numerous events during the year.

The chapter participates in the Sea Isle City Municipal Alliance community forum on heroin and drug awareness. During “National Night Out” sponsored by the Sea Isle Police Department and the city’s Municipal Alliance Committee, AARP assisted in the pledge to be “Drug Free.”

The chapter is also involved in many other events held in the city, including the Fall Family Festival, Community Day and Skimmer Weekend.

In addition, members are involved in charitable endeavors.

During Christmas the chapter makes a sizable donation of gifts and cash to Sea Isle City Mayor Desiderio’s Annual Holiday Toy and Food Drive.

Every month they pass around their “Blue Bucket” to collect much needed funds for local food banks.

They also routinely collect clothing and toiletries to give to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission and the South Jersey Covenant House as well as collecting items such as blankets for the Beacon Animal Rescue in Ocean View.

The City of Sea Isle Community is aware of all we do, all the charitable efforts, all the luncheons we host, all the trips we organize. Chapter 710’s members are a very giving people, that’s been shown, and we continue to attract more members to our organization because of that,” Roach noted. “Our success can easily be explained. People are looking for things to do and want to be part of a group they are proud of – especially senior citizens.”

AARP Chapter 710 member Marion Ingram, of Strathmere, holding proclamation, was honored May 3 by Sen. Jeff Van Drew, Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak, Assemblyman Bruce Land and Freeholders Gerald Thornton and Jeffrey Pierson. (Photo courtesy of Sea Isle City)

Over the past year AARP Chapter 710 has received a variety of Community Service awards.

At the St. Patrick’s Luncheon, state and Cape May County officials presented the chapter’s AARP legislative person, Marion Ingram, with a proclamation and plaque recognizing her achievements. In May, the Cape May County Division of Aging and Disabilities Services held its Annual Jamboree.

During the Jamboree’s awards ceremony, Chapter 710 was declared the Division of Aging’s 2018 Organization of the Year and at Sea Isle’s Community Day, the Mayor’s Partnership Award was presented to the local AARP for its outstanding non-profit commitment

Sea Isle City Director of Community Services and Public Information Officer Katherine Custer said the work of AARP Chapter 710 is appreciated by the community.

“Chapter 710 is a wonderful group of people who make a positive impact on our community,” Custer said. “Not only do they educate and entertain their members, they also show their generosity thorough the year by making donations to worthy causes and caring for others in need.”

Custer added, “They help make Sea Isle City the great town that it is. I am constantly impressed by our local AARP members. It is a pleasure to interact with them.”

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AARP Chapter 710 prides itself on fun activities, including the Saint Patrick’s Day luncheon, where members get to dress up.