BrandTotal understands that marketing during a seemingly never-ending pandemic is far from easy. A New Year is typically cause for celebration in marketing campaigns, but with so much uncertainty swirling around the news cycle, marketers must consider countless factors when launching new marketing campaigns.

According to the BrandTotal platform, businesses are taking different approaches to marketing for 2022, particularly when it comes to social media channels. The platform shows that two methodologies led the way this past December and January. The first methodology saw brands plowing ahead with the typical messaging for celebrating a New Year, such as promoting positivity and the opportunity for change. Brands are positioning their product or service as the perfect complement to a New Year’s resolution.

Those looking to make a great impact, however, are turning to a “big picture” methodology. This “big picture” approach is one that is the result of significant planning. If brands can form a true connection with their audience, they can enjoy higher conversion rates and achieve brand loyalty with a larger chunk of their target audience.

To better understand the top two ways brands are approaching their social media marketing, it is helpful to look at examples from the BrandTotal platform.

For example, Invisalign is running ads on social media to pull in new customers who may not be actively looking into their product. The brand utilizes the “New Year’s Resolution” theme with a picture of a bright smile and a caption of “A new smile probably wasn’t one of your 2022 goals, but after seeing this ad, it sure is now!” This is a tried and true marketing tactic that works well when trying to market to a mass audience.

Hyperice is also leveraging the “New Year’s Resolution” theme, but they are playing off the fact that these resolutions are notoriously difficult to stick to throughout the year. As Hyperice is a deep tissue massage gun, it makes sense for them to play up the fact that they can make working out a bit more tolerable for those dreading heading back to the gym.

Another great example of “New Year’s Resolution” marketing comes from Hims. Hims is a brand that helps men with erectile dysfunction. A simple Facebook ad telling customers to “Ring in the new year with a little bit of help,” is a playful way to take advantage of a proven marketing methodology. It’s not groundbreaking, but it could prove effective when it hits the proper target.

Microsoft decided to prepare a campaign for the New Year with the “big picture” approach. The BrandTotal platform shows Microsoft is running an ad on Instagram where the caption reads, “Let’s make 2022 better than this year. We partnered with Macklemore to create Group Text the World – check it out.” The campaign is looking to take advantage of the fact that the past few years have been extremely difficult. With more people working remotely or isolating frequently, humans have lacked the typical connection they crave. The Text the World project allows people to foster connection and interact with others by sharing what they are looking forward to. The goal is to capture the attention of people multiple times as they check back to read what others around the world have written.

Stitch Fix also took the “Big Picture” approach. Their LinkedIn marketing campaign recapped different trends of 2021 and predicts ones likely to impact 2022. By leveraging this approach, Stitch Fix is able to establish themselves as a thought leader in their space.

One of the things that the BrandTotal platform shows marketers is the ways in which different brands are taking advantage of marketing events you can plan for and marketing events that occur randomly throughout the year. Learning about other brands’ approach to annual events like New Year’s or Fourth of July can be extremely beneficial. It’s also helpful to look at events that pop up throughout the year. For instance, new trends pop up on social media all of the time. Brands that study how other brands were successful in capitalizing on those trends can replicate that same success in the future. When it comes to marketing, knowledge truly is power. BrandTotal provides that knowledge.