Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen

Mitchell Cohen, M.D. is a board-certified surgeon at Orange County Liposuction Centers in Newport Beach, CA. In the following article Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen explains various approaches to looking your best at any age.

Age is just a number but growing older can still be stressful. Marketers are bombarding society with messages about how to get rid of wrinkles or getting rid of gray hair, which can make anyone feel inadequate. Luckily, there are numerous ways to slow down the aging process. From nutrition to specialty treatments, here are some tips on looking your best at any age according to Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen.

Looking Your Best in Your 20s

Being in your 20s means that skin is firm, and hair is thick and luscious. According to Glamour, the collagen and elastin in skin work to your benefit; however, younger skin can also mean more oil production. Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen says to try lighter, sheer makeup that looks natural so breakouts are less likely and try to avoid highlighting and flat ironing too much since this can cause irreparable damage.

This is also the time to start a regular skincare routine that includes UVA/UVA protection as well as a gentle cleanser to let the skin breathe at night. Eating a lot of greens and unprocessed foods will also ensure that one’s health stays in top shape says Mitchell Cohen.

Looking Your Best in Your 30s

Your 30s is the time when skin is still soft and smooth, but the beginnings of freckles, spots, and fine lines can start to appear. Using products that contain SPF and making sure to apply it, even on overcast days, will be a lifesaver for the skin. Several products nowadays contain retinol, which is beneficial to skin in your 30s. This compound reduces wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen says Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen.

Many people may also start to think about starting families in their 30s. While it is a joyous time, it is also stressful, which can result in gray hairs and unhealthy eating. Tackle grays with a touch-up pen or a semi-permanent dye, which makes grays look like highlights. For eating, there are food delivery services that cater to different diets, such as vegetarians or keto reports Mitchell Cohen, M.D.

Looking Your Best in Your 40s

According to Mitchell Cohen, M.D. once people reach their 40s, hormones and collagen production start to slow down, which can result in dry skin, making wrinkles and fine lines more obvious. Products with retinol should be a daily part of one’s routine and SPF should still be part of your skincare regime.

Continuing to exercise is vital, especially strength training. Bones start to lose calcium and can become brittle; doing strength training can counteract these effects while also increasing metabolism says Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen.

Looking Your Best in Your 50s

When people reach their 50s, numerous health issues can begin to pop up, which is why it is important to make regular checkups to see a doctor. Medical professionals check all the important vitals and can make recommendations on diet, exercise, and certain medication that may be necessary, says Mitchell Cohen.

Teeth may also start to show some discoloration due to years of drinking coffee or tea. Teeth whitening procedures are commonplace at dentists’ offices and, according to Psychology Today, there are a lot of options for fixing up crooked smiles if teeth have shifted says Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen.

For women that menstruate, menopause is also likely to begin. It helps to maintain a healthy diet and to eat calcium and vitamin D supplements. Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen also notes that eating foods that mimic estrogen are helpful (e.g., tofu and soy products).

Dr. Mitchell G. CohenLooking Your Best in Your 60s

According to Mitchell Cohen, M.D., as you approach your 60s, so do many life shifts. Many people start to think about retirement and if there are kids, they are likely to move out and pursue their dreams and goals.

During this time, it’s important to continue and cultivate your relationships notes Mitchell Cohen. Very Well Health says that the work environment allows for a lot of social interactions. When that is no longer available, many people find themselves struggling to make friends. This is easily remedied by joining clubs or finding a hobby with some of your friends.

Another important thing to note is that the brain needs to stay active too. Crossword puzzles or picking up a musical instrument are great ways to do this. Research has shown that people who make an effort to move out of their comfort zone tend to be both mentally and physically younger in terms of their minds notes Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen.

Looking Your Best in Your 70s And Beyond

Some might say your 70s are the best years of a person’s life because many are free to do what they want. It is beneficial to continue many of the same things done earlier in life: exercise, eat healthily, and stay creative explains Mitchell Cohen.

Falls are more likely to happen in your 70s, so it is helpful to take yoga or tai chi classes. Getting regular sleep can keep the face youthful and continuing to exercise will help unwanted pounds stay off according to Mitchell Cohen, M.D.

Final Thoughts

According to Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen, eating well and staying active with your mind and body will help you age gracefully in years to come. While aging in unavoidable, aging well should be everyone’s goal.