Meet Milo, the winning name of Mike's Seafood's clip art mascot. (Courtesy Mike Monichetti)

By Maddy Vitale

Mike’s Seafood Dock and Restaurant’s cyber lobster has thousands of fans. But the nameless clip art creation of restaurant owner Mike Monichetti, needed something more – a name.

Get ready to meet Milo!

That’s right. It took seven judges and a lot of discussion, to select the name. Thanks to over 2,000 names submitted in the “Name the Lobster” contest on Facebook, there was a lot to choose from, Monichetti explained.

“Mike’s is overwhelmed by the response for our contest. There were so many clever and unique names. People really did some research,” he noted. “They submitted my wife’s maiden name, my grandparents’ names, and even the name of the island off of Naples were my grandparents came from.”

Monichetti, along with his family, created Mike’s Seafood Polar Bear Run and Walk for Autism. He said his personal favorite name was Autismo for autism, but he was outvoted.

Mike’s Seafood lobster mascot “chilling” at the beach. (Mike’s Seafood Facebook page)

That was lucky for Patricia Hartman who came up with the winning moniker. It is her clever way of merging “mi” for Mike and “lo” for lobster, Monichetti said.

Hartman’s grand prize is 20 steamed, 1 ¼ pound lobsters, split, cracked and cleaned, and served with lemons and drawn butter. She also gets fresh corn on the cob, baby red potatoes, homemade coleslaw and rolls.

Second place went to Shannon Flynn for “Clawson Wentz” who will take home 10 lobsters with all the sides. Johanna Mason came up with the name “Biggie Claws” and will take home five lobsters and all the sides.

Monichetti received a lot of positive feedback from people about how much fun the lobster contest was for families. That is because the clip art lobster is so popular.

People who go on Mike’s Seafood Facebook page, will see the crustacean in outfits for special events and the holidays.

From a leprechaun outfit on St. Patrick’s Day, to bunny ears for Easter and a surfboard with shades for a summer post, the clip art amuses people, Monichetti said.

“Milo and the crew at Mike’s would like to thank everyone who participated,” Monichetti said. “Mike’s next contest starts in two weeks. Milo says, ‘Clam Lovers Get Ready!’”

Mike’s Seafood is in the heart of Fish Alley at 4222 Park Road in Sea Isle. For more information visit, call 609-263-3458 and visit Mike’s Facebook page.

This St. Patrick’s Day lobster mascot clip art is one of the favorites. (Mike’s Seafood Facebook page)