Mayor Leonard Desiderio

We are very aware of concerns about the influx of visitors to Sea Isle during the current public health emergency, and we are doing everything legally permissible, in accordance with the governor’s executive orders, to limit travel to and within Sea Isle City.

In furtherance of this, as authorized by Governor Murphy’s Executive Order No. 108, Sea Isle City is prohibiting online marketplaces from offering short-term rentals until further notice.

In addition, I have spoken with leaders in the Sea Isle City real estate community, and they have agreed to suspend short-term rentals through the month of April. I am urging all property owners to do the same.

I want to thank the real estate and business community for their cooperation with this matter. They understand, as we all do, the magnitude of this crisis, and that a temporary moratorium on rentals is appropriate at this time.

We all have to do our part to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, and I absolutely believe this is another action that must be taken in our collective efforts.

I also want to thank everyone in Sea Isle City, and ask that we continue to show the good spirit and caring attitude that is part of the fabric of our community. These are trying times, but I will repeat what I’ve said before – we will get through this by working together and caring for each other.

Thank you.


Mayor Leonard C. Desiderio