Mayor Leonard Desiderio

If you were in Sea Isle City to celebrate the July Fourth holiday, you know what a great weekend it was – thanks to wonderful weather, a fantastic concert at the Band Shell, and an amazing fireworks show that resulted in many people “ooh-ing and aah-ing” under a colorful evening sky.

Clearly, everyone was happy to be in Sea Isle City during the long July Fourth Weekend, and afterwards we were thrilled to receive a great deal of positive feedback about our holiday entertainment lineup.

Without a doubt, the summer of 2021 is turning out to be one-for-the-books – or, as I have been saying, “two summers in one.” Our shoreline is attracting droves of happy beach-goers, the Promenade is once again a popular destination for walkers, joggers and bicyclists, and our local businesses are putting their usual “best foot forward” and reminding people why Sea Isle City is the perfect place to shop, dine and play.

Plus, our city-sponsored concerts, family fun nights, movies, and recreation programs are delighting multitudes of people each week. The events being hosted by our local civic friends are also very well-attended – including the delightful Beachcomber Guided Tours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, which are led by dedicated volunteers working in conjunction with the Sea Isle City Environmental Commission, and the Chamber of Commerce’s wonderful Farmer’s Markets, which take place at Excursion Park on Tuesday mornings and offer shoppers the chance to walk home with all the Jersey Fresh produce, crafts and specialty items they can carry.

If you are interested in watching exciting competitions, the first of three city-sponsored Men’s Basketball Tournaments will take place at the JFK Boulevard Courts on Saturday morning.

Each of these tournaments is named in honor of a local community member who has made a strong, positive impact on Sea Isle City – and it is a pleasure to shine a proverbial spotlight on each of these three fine gentlemen.

We will begin with the Steve Libro Tournament on July 17, which will pay tribute to Commissioner Libro’s many years of public service to the people of Sea Isle City. The next competition is the Dave Farina Tournament on July 31, which will acknowledge Dave’s personal athletic history here in Sea Isle City and his many years as a community volunteer. Last, but not least, the Bill Liddell Tournament on August 14 will recognize all that Bill has done – and continues to do – for our recreation programs.

We hope you will stop by the courts and watch one or more of the games so you can say “I was there” during the inaugural year of these new tournaments.

Also new this year, we have been playing our National Anthem on the Promenade each morning at 10 a.m., and I am happy to report that we have received many positive comments from people who are pleased to “start the day in a patriotic way.”

If you have the chance, please take a stroll one morning and listen for The Star Spangled Banner being played through our new Promenade speakers, which are located from 35th to 44th Street.

In closing, I want to once again ask everyone to please “shop local” and support Sea Isle City’s business community. Our local merchants, restaurateurs and other business owners are working hard day and night to provide everyone with the products and services that we have come to know and love, so please show your support for our local businesses by enjoying a delicious meal in a nearby eatery, purchasing a gift for yourself (or a loved one) at a local shop, or checking out one of the many fine services offered right here in “the Capital of Cape May County.”

Smile … You’re in Sea Isle!

Mayor Leonard C. Desiderio