Mayor Leonard Desiderio

Over the past two weeks, Governor Murphy has issued executive orders imposing several restrictions on all residents and businesses in New Jersey. In summary, these orders have closed all non-essential business, have banned all but essential travel, and have restricted all residents to their homes other than for essential activities and engaging in outdoor activities (as long as individuals follow the social distancing guideline of six feet of separation).

The governor’s orders allow local government the ability to establish certain restrictions in furtherance of the state’s objectives, including the closure of beaches, the promenade, parks and playgrounds, and restrictions to online rental business.

Thus far, in addition to adhering to and enforcing the governor’s executive orders, the City has enacted all allowable additional restrictions. We’ve closed the beaches, the promenade, all playgrounds and recreation facilities; and we’ve banned online rentals.

The city currently has no authority to completely close off access to the island.

The city currently has no authority to prohibit folks from going to their property, whether it be a first or second home, but they must adhere to all of the restrictions that we have in place.

What we have done is everything legally permissible, in accordance with the governor’s executive orders, to limit travel to and within Sea Isle City.

Due to the cancellation of upcoming planning board meetings, and in order to allow certain businesses that have pending board applications the opportunity to open food establishments, I’ve signed an executive order authorizing the zoning official, in conjunction with the City Attorney and City Engineer to review such applications and provide temporary permits until the time that these applications can be heard before the board.

This will apply to applications that do not require variances, and any applicant utilizing this process will be proceeding at their own risk, and ultimately be subject to the requirements imposed by the planning board when the application is heard.

As I’ve stated before and will continue to impress on everybody, we need to stick together now more than ever. We will not beat this unless we stay home, avoid contact with others, and follow all of the governor’s restrictions. I cannot stress this enough. We WILL come out of this stronger than we’ve ever been.

Thank you and God bless you.


Mayor Leonard C. Desiderio