Living Church of God Reviews

The award-winning Tomorrow’s World television series is produced by the Living Church of God, and in a recent article, the Living Church of God reviews the concept of a multiverse from a biblical perspective.

Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine every possible version of yourself. Let there be no limitation to what you could or couldn’t be. As your thoughts expand towards infinity, you’ll begin to understand the complexities of the multiverse.

The multiverse is a theorized conception of the universe expanding beyond the single universe that we currently inhabit. As the Living Church of God reviews, the theory imagines an infinite number of possible universes—and, as a result, statistical probability becomes completely devoid of meaning. In other words, with an infinite number of universes, anything is possible.

With Hollywood taking a greater interest in the multiverse – see the latest Doctor Strange and Spider-Man movies – the theory has become a hot topic among scientists and laymen alike. But where do these theories come from and what are their implications? The Living Church of God takes a closer look at these ideas.

Science Fiction or Science Fact?

Hollywood might be making multiverse theories more accessible, but it’s scientists who are propelling these ideas into the mainstream. The Living Church of God notes that over the last few decades, theoretical physicists, astronomers, and cosmologists have all presented these theories as if they are fundamental facts of reality. Even a leading researcher from Oxford University argues that the multiverse is as real as the dinosaurs once were.

According to these researchers, not accepting these ideas as fact makes one ignorant. Yet the Living Church of God reviews that this highlights how desperate science is to ignore even the slightest evidence of a God who created the universe. The article also points out that scientists cannot even agree on a single theory. To date, there are multiple multiverse theories, all competing to be “fact”:

  • Eternal or Chaotic Inflation – This theory states that, shortly after the Big Bang, the universe expanded at a rate faster than the speed of light. Physicists believe this would explain the near-perfect uniformity of the universe but state that it would have created multiple universes at the same time.
  • String Theory – The Living Church of God states that this theory says all matter is composed of infinitely small vibrating strings. It was meant to tie together the laws of nature, but is ultimately untestable. When string theory equations are pushed to their extreme, the theory suggests that there could be upwards of 10,500 universes.
  • The Many-Worlds Interpretation – Anyone familiar with Schrodinger’s Cat knows that the cat has two possible outcomes – it’s either dead or alive. The cat exists in a quantum state where both outcomes are possible until you open the box. According to the Many-Worlds Interpretation, if something could exist, there’s a universe where it does.
  • Ultimate Ensemble – This theory was first presented by MIT cosmologist Max Tegmark. Tegmark believes that the universe follows precise mathematical law, making math the ultimate universal truth. According to this theory, we simply exist in one set of mathematical structures while the multiverse represents an infinite number of mathematical structures.

How is it that scientists have been able to advocate such fantastical ideas without verifiable evidence? The Living Church of God reviews this as proof that many would rather come up with fantastical explanations of our universe than accept the truth that God created it.

The Implications of a Multiverse

Although each theory has its own nuances, none are very comforting. If we are to believe in a multiverse, in every moment when you consider doing wrong, there’s a universe where you actually did it. There are universes where you’ve committed murder, genocide, and all of the other terrible acts that a human can commit.

The Living Church of God notes that if this is true, free will is a lie. No matter the decisions you make – whether right or wrong – you’re destined to do the opposite in some other universe. As the Living Church of God notes, the multiverse concept is nothing short of existential chaos. Nothing you do or don’t do really matters if, in the multiverse, you’ve done everything.

Reality—The Antidote to Insanity

The Living Church of God reviews biblical passages such as Romans 1:20, 2 Corinthians 113, and Matthew 11:25 to make the case that there’s no need to embrace the insanity of a multiverse. The Living Church of God takes the position that, regardless of whether God has produced a multiverse or not, we can clearly His hand in the universe we live in, and that God has made truth accessible to all. According to this article, God exists and we see His universe as clear as day, and one need only read Scripture to understand reality: “I am the LORD, and there is no other” (Isaiah 45:18).