Innogrit Corporation

Innogrit- a fabless IC design company founded by technology leaders in Silicon Valley- has been heavily involved with advancing storage technology to solve issues that have impacting artificial intelligence and other big data applications.

While there has been a lot of conversation recently on shortages of high-performance components on a consumer level, the issue of data storage impacting businesses may be less well-known by individuals who are not tech professionals.

Here, Innogrit explores some of the most common data storage issues- as well as what businesses can do to address them.

Building Infrastructures to Handle Data Growth

One of the most important priorities businesses should have surrounding their data storage is setting up the infrastructure to for proper storage and maintainence. Not only does this require investment in high-quality tech for servers and other crucial data storage tools, but Innogrit recognizes that it presents a need for teams that understand them.

The importance of infrastructure for data storage is further emphasized by data growth issues that are being seen by companies around the world. Businesses need to be sure that they acknowledge there will be an increased amount of data entering their systems from all types of sources as they grow.

How proper infrastructure looks for companies improving their data storage capabilities can differ, but all will need to utilize modern techniques for handling large data sets. Some common methods to handle data growth include compression, tiering, and deduplication.

Compression reduces the size of data files, while tiering helps companies storage data into several storage tiers to ensure that it is allocated to a proper place. Deduplication is used for data storage as well because it removes duplicate or unwanted data from the set, assisting with storage capacity.

Implementing Security Measures to Protect Sensitive Data

In recent news, there have been several reported cases of cybersecurity breaches. Companies have always prioritized security as a necessity, but these events have emphasized the importance of overcoming the issue even more.

Innogrit realizes that a crucial first line of defense for securing data are measures that prevent unauthorized access such as encryption for data at rest and in transit and support for all key security standards. Still, businesses are always on the look out for other ways to assist with securing their data as well.

Much of data security can be streamlined through implementation of technology built to address cybersecurity issues, but even secure systems can be breached if best practices aren’t followed.

To this point, businesses need to be sure that their teams are trained to uphold best practices for security. Many have taken steps to increase cybersecurity measures by hiring professionals that can assist with guarding their data.

Improving Understanding of Big Data Across Industry

 Another obstacle currently facing big data is the lack of proper understanding of the processes and methods.  Some initiatives fail because employees may not have a clear understanding of factors such as the importance of data, maintaining its sources, or even the basics of storage and processing.

Luckily, there are several ways that businesses are taking the steps necessary to improve knowledge on big data. For example, some companies have used Big Data workshops and seminars as a resource for teaching employees more about storage and security of sensitive data. After all, employees that are not up to date with best practices may not use databases properly and have difficulty retrieving data when needed.

Companies will also want to ensure that they are hiring on skilled data professionals to run modern technologies and data tools.

Finding top-tier data professionals can be difficult considering the shortage of available talent throughout the pandemic, meaning businesses need to allocate the time necessary to find and hire on individuals qualified enough to assist with maintaining their systems.

Big Data seminars can be helpful for explaining data storage principles to employees

Innogrit CorporationManaging and Optimizing Associated Data Storage Costs

It is no question that data storage can be costly. Aside from the capital needed for initial setup, those with data storage needs will also need to shell out for ongoing maintenance and the costs associated to retain professionals to maintain the system.

Many companies large and small have made efforts to lower costs by outsourcing some of their data storage maintenance. Companies that utilize their own infrastructure to meet their needs may take other measures to reduce costs where possible as well.

For example- while state of the art technologies intended for enterprise use may be more expensive- the efficiency they provide can help admins tackle some of the costliest obstacles impacting their data storage performance.

Innogrit acknowledges that cost mitigation for data storage is important for businesses of all sizes. Still, it is always recommended to only cut costs in ways that will not negatively impact the performance of data storage systems.

Keeping up with New Techniques and Processes  

Since InnoGrit was founded in 2016, there have been many innovations in the technology world to address data storage and data transport issues. Leaders at the company speak to how professionals in the space need to keep up with adaptions and new processes to keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of technology.

Companies that want to address their data storage head on will need to have a fully formed strategy.

While plans may differ from business to business depending upon their specific needs, important factors to keep in mind include investment in high-quality technology, well-trained staff and data storage professionals, and a commitment to improving qualities such as efficiency, reliability, and security.