Habibat Tinubu

Habibat Tinubu is a Los Angeles County chiropractor who works with patients to minimize back pain and tension associated with chronic conditions. In the following article, Habibat Tinubu discusses the various holistic options for minimizing pain and discomfort in the back and spine.

Health and wellbeing are something that many people struggle to prioritize in this day and age, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Indeed, in many cases, making simple changes to everyday choices can go a significant way toward leading a happier, more productive life overall.

However, Habibat Tinubu explains that suffering with chronic back pain can be a major problem, leaving many people feeling unsure of where to turn for help. The options aren’t limited solely to surgery, though! In reality, there are plenty of different opportunities that could help treat chronic back pain without needing extreme medical intervention.

Six Options to Help Treat Chronic Back Pain

Overcoming chronic back pain shouldn’t have to be a major burden. However, if such a challenge has presented itself with few alternatives, considering the following six options to help treat chronic back pain may be essential.

Of course, Habibat Tinubu explains that there’s no single method guaranteed to immediately resolve discomfort. If pain’s been preventing a normal quality of life, professional support is critical, as a medical expert should always be there to confirm whether complementary medicines and methods are safe to try in conjunction with more holistic methods.


Habibat Tinubu says that a deep tissue massage is often one of the most reliable methods for easing discomfort in the back. Ideally, this should be provided by a professional massage therapist, but a massage from a friend or family member can suffice. Investing in a special massage tool may also help make this process much easier and more efficient.

Heat Treatment

Many people find that a gentle application of heat – such as with a hot water bottle – can be an effective way to loosen tension. In turn, this may help ease the pain associated with back pain and stiffness.

However, if choosing to try heat treatment for discomfort relief, be sure not to apply the heat directly to the skin, and be sure the temperature isn’t too hot. Doing so could result in a burn, and dealing with a superficial burn will certainly not help the pain go away!

Focus on Diet

One common factor many people overlook is their diet. However, having a healthy diet and following a good exercise routine is a simple way to help alleviate lower back pain.
Excess weight and poor muscle tone can cause significant strain, both to the muscles and the spine, so combatting this with a healthier lifestyle absolutely should help. Getting plenty of exercise is only one tip in this regard, but eating a balanced diet with a suitable but not excessive energy supply is crucial as well.

Try Yoga

Habibat Tinubu reports that a growing number of people are trying yoga, which also supports good overall health and wellbeing. Indeed, yoga can have numerous effects for relieving lower back pain and symptoms, with poses such as the downward-facing dog, sphinx pose, cobra pose, etc. that are used to minimize discomfort caused by a sore lower back.

Habibat TinubuPhysical Therapy

In some cases, Tinubu says that physical therapy alone may be enough to alleviate the condition. Physical therapy, often provided by a professional therapist, can help ease pain by focusing on the specific problem area and identifying potential issues involved.

This can be treated as a standalone case. Alternatively, it may otherwise be integrated alongside one’s current medical care.


It may sound too simple to be true, but Habibat Tinubu maintains that focusing on body posture can actually make a vast difference to one’s discomfort!

Simply improving posture could drastically influence muscle tension in the lower back. In turn, this may translate to a significant improvement in the symptoms overall.

Don’t Put Off Surgery if it’s Required

Unfortunately, some cases of chronic back pain won’t be treatable without surgery. Thus, for individuals experiencing such discomfort, professional medical support is invaluable. This can help an individual determine whether alternatives could help, whether before or after surgery.

Final Thoughts

No one wants to live in pain, and Habibat Tinubu remarks that with almost one-quarter of individuals potentially suffering with chronic back pain throughout their lives, it’s currently a prevalent health concern. Regardless, though, there are steps to take that minimize the impact of such conditions on individuals’ quality of life.

Not sure where to start? A physician should be able to help. From there, after ascertaining whether surgery is necessary or not, choosing suitable alternatives becomes much easier.