After waking up from a deep sleep, do you also feel down in the dumps? The energy levels are low, and motivation seems lacking, making it difficult to start the day with enthusiasm. You just need a dose of green vein kratom to boost your mood and energy levels.

This natural supplement can help improve focus and productivity throughout the day, motivating you to tackle any task. With its stimulating properties, green vein kratom can provide a much-needed mental and physical pick-me-up without jitters or crashes.

However, finding the best brand is not simple. Therefore, our kratom experts, after analyzing over 40+ kratom brands, curated a list of the top 5 green vein kratom brands that consistently deliver high-quality green vein kratom products.

Best Green Vein Kratom Products

  1. Happy Go Leafy Green Maeng Da Kratom 
  2. Super Speciosa Green Bali Kratom 
  3. Golden Monk Green Borneo Kratom 
  4. Klarity kratom Green Malay Kratom 
  5. Kats botanicals Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom 

What Is Green Vein Kratom?

Green vein kratom is a unique Mitragyna Speciosa variety named after the green veins of the leaves. It is a more balanced strain between the red and white vein versions of kratom and offers a wide range of potential benefits, including high energy, focus, relaxation, and overall well-being. .

The effects of green vein kratom may be milder than many other strains, although it manages to lift the spirits of users with ease.

Farmers harvest green vein kratom once the leaves have matured from the early stages but have yet to mature fully. Then, this green kratom is dried indoors and processed at AKA-approved facilities to help it achieve its signature color.

What’s more, green kratom is often used by users as a caffeine substitute for higher energy and stimulation.

Types of Green Vein Kratom

Green vein Kratom comes in multiple varieties, each with its own unique attributes and effects. Here’s a brief look at these green Kratom strains.

Green Maeng Da Kratom

It is one of the most popular green vein kratom strains worldwide and comes from several parts of Southeast Asia, including Thailand and Indonesia. Some of the main attributes of this green kratom strain include calming, soothing, and stimulating the mind while also giving users a rush of energy.

Green Borneo Kratom

This green vein kratom strain is known for being a slightly milder anxiety/stress reliever and mood enhancer, as the antioxidants present in it interact with body receptors. You can use this green kratom strain at lower doses to energize your mind and body while reducing fatigue and enhancing the feel-good vibe in your brain.

Green Malay Kratom

Originating from parts of Indonesia and Malaysia, this green vein kratom strain is known for its powerful energy-boosting attributes. Green kratom enables better relaxation while enhancing mental focus, concentration, and clarity. You can easily integrate this into your regular wellness regime to stay alert and motivated for longer durations.

Green Bali Kratom

Green Bali Kratom is one of the purest and most natural green vein kratom strains. Its leaves are only picked when they achieve the right balance of quality and alkaloid profile. This green kratom is quite similar to green Maeng Da with regard to its benefits and is ideal for a daytime boost of energy.

Green Thai Kratom

This green vein kratom is named Thai kratom, although it does not come from Thailand. Green kratom contains a higher volume of 7-hydroxymitragynine or 7-OH, an important alkaloid that has highly stimulating effects on the body and mind. Many regard it as the best green vein Kratom for not just its energy-boosting attributes but also other effects like stress and pain relief.

Things To Consider Before Buying Green Vein Kratom Products

With the saturated market, choosing the right Green Vein kratom can be difficult. However, considering several factors, you can zero down your search on the right product. Here is the list of factors you must consider while purchasing.

AKA Member

It is important to check whether your green vein Kratom vendor/brand is a member of the American Kratom Association (AKA) and whether it follows its GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations. This works as a measure of quality and authenticity, which is important for buyers.

Vendor Reputation

Are you buying green vein kratom from a reputed vendor? The best way to find out is to check the licensing details of the brand and read customer reviews/testimonials. This will give you an idea of whether its green kratom products are worth trusting.

3rd Party Lab Testing

A reliable brand/vendor will always ensure third-party testing from accredited laboratories for its green vein kratom strains and other products. Lab testing checks whether green Kratom products are free from pesticides, metals, and other harmful components. Choose a brand that shows testing information transparently for customers.

Product Potency

The best kratom strains are those with high potency and effectiveness. It is only possible if the ingredients for green vein kratom are sourced from authentic and 100% natural sources. At the same time, green vein kratom products should also be processed at facilities that comply with AKA-GMP guidelines to ensure purity and high potency levels.

Product Price

Compare the prices of green vein kratom products offered by multiple vendors or brands before making a final decision. Don’t rush to get a good deal; prices that are too good to be true may often lead to quality compromises.

Customer Reviews

Make sure that you check customer testimonials and reviews about any green vein kratom strain that you want to purchase. Read about the product’s effectiveness and potency, as well as the vendor’s shipping, refund, and other policies.

Benefits Of Green Vein Kratom

Green vein kratom is somewhere between white vein and red vein Kratom in terms of its effects. This green Kratom promises moderate or mild effects that are more suitable for beginners than many other strains. On that note, here’s taking a closer look at some of its possible benefits.

Energy Boost

Green vein Kratom is a natural energy booster and will give your brain a wake-up call without any jittery or shaky feelings. Many users take this green kratom as a substitute for coffee for this reason.

Stress Relief

Green vein Kratom products may also be effective in helping you relieve stress and anxiety levels while improving your overall well-being. The effects usually last 4-6 hours after a single serving.

Pain Relief

Green Kratom products may also be helpful in terms of managing and relieving chronic pain for those with conditions like orthopedic injuries, arthritis, migraines, and even fibromyalgia pain. Often, just 1-2 grams are enough for considerable pain relief without any side effects.

Improved Focus

If you want to focus/concentrate deeply on something, then green vein kratom may help in this department, too. It offers a blend of calming and stimulating influences to help you get through tasks without any hitches.

Mood Enhancement

Green vein kratom is an excellent mood enhancer, giving you an instant sense of euphoria and positivity that you can carry through the day. This makes it a great solution for those suffering from depression.

Opiate Withdrawal

Most green vein kratom products are highly effective in helping users deal with opioid withdrawal symptoms. It can reduce/eliminate these symptoms like body aches, nausea, and cravings. Consuming green vein kratom is a great way to get rid of opioid addiction with lower risks of relapses.

Other Types Of Vein Colors

There are three main Kratom strains that you can categorize based on their colors. Here’s looking at the other two counterparts aside from green vein kratom.

Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom gets its name from the red veins visible on the fully developed Kratom leaves. These leaves are only harvested upon complete maturity, and they have distinct alkaloid profiles and high potency levels. Some of its benefits include pain relief, relaxation, and higher energy levels.

White Vein Kratom

White vein kratom can energize the brain, improve focus and mental clarity, and boost alertness and stimulation. Its leaves are harvested when they are in their early stages of maturity. White vein kratom ensures a calming effect for users, which makes it popular worldwide.

Potential Side Effects Of Green Vein Kratom

You can expect a few potential side effects if you consume green vein kratom in excessively high doses. Some of them may include the following:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dry Mouth Syndrome
  • Excessive Lethargy/Tiredness
  • Dizziness

Where To Buy The Best Green Vein Kratom Products?

#1. Happy Go Leafy Green Maeng Da Kratom


On the #1 rank is Happy Go Leafy, which offers premium Green Maenga Da kratom products. This is one of its top-selling green vein kratom strains due to its high alkaloid content and potent effects.

Customers rave about the smooth energy boost and mood enhancement they experience with Happy Go Leafy’s Maeng Da powder. The brand sources its kratom from the lush-green jungles of Thailand.

Additionally, customers who want to try something new using HGL’s green-vein Maeng Da kratom powder can combine it with other kratom strains to create their own custom blend. This is completely safe and allows for a personalized kratom experience tailored to individual preferences.



  • Made with high-quality kratom leaves: Happy Go Leafy ensures that its green vein Maeng Da kratom is made from premium-quality kratom leaves. This dedication to quality ensures potent and effective green vein kratom products.
  • Affordable Pricing: The green Maeng Da powder costs $19.99 for 56g to $199.99 for 1 kg. Capsules are also reasonably priced, with a 150-count bottle costing $29.99 and a 1000-count bottle priced at $169.99.
  • Variety of forms to choose from: The capsules come in three sizes: 150 count, 500 count, and 1000 count. The powder is available in 56g, 252g, and 1 kg, ensuring an option for every need and preference.
  • Fast Acting: Users can expect to feel the effects within 10-15 minutes of consumption. The effects are long-lasting, providing relief or desired effects for up to 7-8 hours.



  • Lab-tested for purity and potency
  • Subscribe and save 20%
  • 30–day satisfaction guarantee
  • Unlock 20% off your first order


  • Only available on the official website

Customer Reviews


Happy Go Leafy’s green Maeng Da is a game changer! The balanced energy boost and mood enhancement make my days more productive and stress-free. Highly recommended! – John S., USA

=> Click here to visit the official website “Happy Go Leafy”

#2. Super Speciosa Green Bali Kratom


On the #2 rank is Super Speciosa, which offers premium green vein Bali kratom powder. It is best for those looking for a balanced blend of energy and relaxation, making it ideal for daytime use.

Additionally, if you are looking to stock up on green Bali kratom powder for the long run, Super Speciosa offers bulk discounts on larger quantities. You can buy as little as 20g to as much as 5kg of green Bali kratom powder from Super Speciosa, ensuring you have an ample supply on hand whenever you need it.

You can even buy green Bali kratom capsules if you prefer a more convenient method of consumption. However, the capsules are unsuitable for vegans as they are made with gelatin to mask the taste and odor.


  • Premium Quality and Purity: Super Speciosa ensures that its Green Bali Kratom Powder and capsules are of the highest quality. The kratom is sourced from mature leaves and undergoes rigorous lab testing to guarantee purity and potency, free from contaminants and additives.
  • Made in AKA environment: The brand produces its kratom in an AKA GMP-qualified environment. This certification guarantees that the capsules are manufactured following stringent guidelines, ensuring consistency, purity, and reliability.
  • Helps sharpen focus and concentration: The green Bali kratom powder is known for its stimulating properties, making it ideal for those needing a mental boost for work, study, or other tasks requiring sustained attention.
  • Highly potent green Bali capsules: Each capsule contains approximately 6.62% mitragynine, significantly higher than standard kratom products. This high potency ensures a strong, balanced experience that boosts energy and focus.


  • Designed for experienced users
  • Offers a clean energy boost
  • COA is available on the site
  • Buy 5 kg green Bali kratom powder for $499


  • Not for vegan-friendly users

Customer Reviews


Super Speciosa’s Green Vein Bali is top-notch. It offers great relaxation and energy balance, making it ideal for work and unwinding after a long day. The quality is consistent and reliable. – Michael T., Australia

=> Click here to visit the official website “Super Speciosa”

#3. Golden Monk Green Borneo Kratom


On the #3 rank is Golden Monk, which offers premium and top-notch green vein Borneo kratom powder made with high-quality leaves sourced from Southeast Asia.

This green vein Borneo kratom powder is ideal for those who are looking for a gentle boost in energy and mood without jitters or crashes. The powder starts working within 15–30 minutes, and the capsules take around 20–40 minutes.

However, due to high demand, the brand has a limited quantity available, so it may not be suitable for those looking to purchase in bulk or stock up for an extended time.



  • Ethically sourced from Southeast Asia: Golden Monk ensures its Green Vein Borneo Kratom Powder is ethically sourced from Southeast Asia’s lush, fertile regions. It supports the environment by partnering with local farmers with sustainable harvesting practices.
  • Uncompromising quality and purity: Golden Monk prides itself on delivering superior quality with every purchase. Their rigorous quality control measures ensure that their kratom powder meets the highest standards of purity and potency.
  • Discreet shipping: The brand offers discreet shipping options. Orders are shipped in plain FedEx boxes with no company name, logo, or information visible, ensuring customer privacy and peace of mind.
  • Positive customer feedback: With over 20,000 satisfied customers, Golden Monk has built a strong reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction. The positive feedback is a testament to the brand’s dedication to providing top-notch Green Vein Kratom Powder.



  • Made with 100% pure kratom leaves
  • Available in 250g, 500g, and 1000g
  • Rigorous lab testing
  • Offers balanced energy and mental focus


  • The taste might be unpleasant and bitter for some people.

Customer Reviews


Golden Monk’s Green Vein Borneo is outstanding. The clarity and energy it provides without any crash is incredible. It’s my go-to for busy workdays and staying sharp. – David H., New Zealand

=> Click here to visit the official website “Golden Monk”

#4. Klarity Kratom Green Malay Kratom


Securing the #4 position, Klarity Kratom is the perfect brand to buy green Malay kratom capsules. These capsules induce a sense of calmness and relaxation, making them ideal for people seeking to unwind after a long day or ease mind-body tension.

These capsules are easy to consume and provide a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of green Malay kratom without the need to mix the powder with other liquids. These capsules are available in various quantities, ranging from 75 to 1000.

They are made from 100% organic Green Malay kratom powder, ensuring a high-quality and potent product. However, the brand doesn’t ship to certain states, which can be a limitation for some customers.



  • Sourced from mature kratom trees: Klarity Kratom ensures that their Green Vein products are made from kratom leaves harvested from mature trees. This guarantees a high alkaloid content, producing a more potent and consistent product.
  • Other green vein kratom powders: Customers can choose from Green Maeng Da, Green Bali, Green Thai, Green Indo, Green Sumatra, and more. Each strain provides unique benefits and effects, catering to different preferences and needs.
  • Provides a clean burst of energy: Users of Klarity Kratom’s Green Malay capsules often report a clean and sustained burst of energy. This effect is ideal for those looking to enhance their productivity and maintain focus throughout the day.
  • Earn loyalty points: Klarity Kratom rewards its customers with a comprehensive loyalty program. For instance, purchasing a 1000-count bottle of Green Malay capsules earns 300 loyalty points, which can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.



  • Affordable pricing
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Accepts multiple payment modes


  • The effectiveness only lasts up to 3 hours

Customer Reviews


Klarity Kratom’s green Malay kratom is quite good. It offers a decent energy boost. Not as strong as some others, but still effective for everyday use. – Tom R., USA

=> Click here to visit the official website “Klarity Kratom”

#5. Kats Botanicals Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom

If you are a new kratom user and are looking to boost your low energy levels and want a remedy to reduce your stress, green vein Hulu Kapus capsules are an excellent option for you.

Known for their energizing and mood-enhancing properties, green vein Hulu Kapuas capsules can provide the extra boost you need to get through your day with ease. These capsules contain 100% natural Hulu Kapuas kratom powder, which is sourced from mature trees in the Kapuas region of Indonesia.

Due to its stimulating effects, this strain may not be the best option for those seeking relaxation or a sleep aid. Plus, the brand has a limited number of capsules available—only 90 and 250-count bottles—so it may not be the most cost-effective option for those who require a larger supply.



  • Made with indoor kratom leaves: Kats Botanicals utilizes kratom leaves cultivated indoors, providing a controlled environment. This meticulous approach to the production of kratom meets the highest standards of quality and consistency.
  • Deliver a broad spectrum of benefits: These capsules deliver a balanced blend of effects, including enhanced focus, increased energy, and a sense of overall well-being.
  • Also available in powder form: Kats Botanicals also offers Green Hulu Kapuas in powder form. Users can buy 35g, 250g, and 500g of Green Hulu Kapuas powder.
  • 100% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-free: By prioritizing natural ingredients and excluding unnecessary chemicals, Kats Botanicals delivers a purer product that aligns with the preferences of health-conscious consumers.



  • The effects last up to 4-6 hours
  • Same-day shipping is available
  • Free shipping over $100
  • Get 20% off your first order


  • Not for experienced users

Customer Reviews


I tried the Green Bali from Kats Botanicals, and it’s pretty solid. It provides a gentle lift in energy and focus, though it could be a bit stronger. It is a good option for beginners. – Laura K., Canada

=> Click here to visit the official website “Kats Botanicals”

FAQs About Green Vein Kratom

Q1. Is Green Vein Kratom Legal?

Green vein kratom may be legal in some regions, while some states/territories may ban its sale and consumption. You should always check your local regulations carefully before buying.

Q2. Can I Make Tea With Green Kratom Powder?

Yes, it is possible to use Green kratom powder to make an energizing and stimulating tea. Dissolve a small serving of powder in the beverage for this purpose.

Q3. How much Green Kratom should I take?

It is best to start with small doses, like 1-2 grams, and increase gradually if necessary. You should always adhere to the official dosage guidelines for any capsule/powder without going overboard.

Q4. How fast does green kratom work?

Green kratom may start working within 5-20 minutes of consumption, and the effects may last for 4-6 hours on average. However, it all depends on the dosage that you opt for.

Q5. Can I take green kratom every day?

Some users take green kratom or other strains on a daily basis. However, it is important to note that long-term dependence on Kratom and tolerance to the same may lead to potential misuse and overdosing.

Q6. Is Green Vein kratom safe to consume?

Green vein kratom can be safe to consume, provided you stick to smaller doses and do not consume it excessively. Misusing Kratom and consuming it in huge amounts may lead to various side effects and health problems.

Wrapping Up About Green Vein Kratom Products

Green vein kratom is one of the most popular kratom strains available at present, offering various benefits ranging from relaxation and mood enhancement to higher energy and stimulation.

However, make sure you buy kratom products from leading brands that follow AKA-GMP guidelines for production and have ample industry experience. Read our reviews to compare these brands thoroughly before making a final purchase decision.

By Chris Bates