Great Danes of the Ozarks

Great Danes of the Ozarks is an award-winning breeder of Great Dane puppies founded by Devin Harris. We spoke with Devin Harris recently about the common traits among the suppliers of champion dogs in putting together the following article.

What sets apart a good dog breeder from the truly great? What qualities, skills, and nurturing styles are common among the best of the best?

Top dog breeders like Great Danes of the Ozarks are immensely knowledgeable and have a solid reputation within their community as being engaged in research about puppy health and wellness, and of course taking great care when it comes to the lineage of their sires and dams.

Great Danes of the Ozarks Says Knowledge is Key

The best breeders draw from a deep well of information and experience to care for their dogs says Devin Harris of Great Danes of the Ozarks. They learn from reputable sources to properly house, feed, and train their dogs.

Of course, every breed has different needs and different people may cater to those needs differently. But in general, here are some signs that a dog breeder is knowledgeable.

They Have Done Their Research

Great Danes of the Ozarks explains that a top breeder knows nearly everything about the breed they raise. They have spent years learning from experts and other owners and are often a member of a notable breed club.

Devin Harris says these clubs garner a community of owners to share their best advice and knowledge. A great dog breeder is often affiliated with local and national clubs. The American Kennel Club has an online directory of local and national breed clubs,

They Provide Proper Housing

Great breeders are proud to show off their dog’s living space. It should be clean, spacious, and safe for the dogs to be in. There should be separate places to sleep and places to play says Great Danes of the Ozarks.

Of course, the dogs should spend as little time as possible in their cages. And there should be no evidence of overcrowding – a sign that the breeder is prioritizing profits over their dog’s health.

They Provide Proper Nutrition

Great Danes of the Ozarks notes that a reputable dog breeder will know exactly how to feed their pups for a well-balanced diet. They provide the proper balance of water, protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, and minerals to their dogs each day.

Great breeders understand the best times to feed their dogs, how to develop a working schedule, and exactly how much food to feed them. And if problems arise with a dog’s diet, they usually already have alternative nutrition plans at the ready, and if stumped will contact their veterinarian for advice.

They Monitor Their Dog’s Health

It’s common for experienced dog breeders to monitor the health of their dogs with blood tests, x-rays, and genetic tests says Devin Harris of Great Danes of the Ozarks. Each of these tests can inform the breeder of their litter’s health.

They not only know the health of their dogs but also the health of their dog’s lineage. They do what they can to prevent diseases and disorders from passing on to future generations.

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) has a database of health tests performed by dog breeders. Top dog breeders like Great Danes of the Ozarks have many generations of dogs with a traceable lineage and consistent documentation of their dog’s health.

They Know What Their Dogs Need

Devin Harris says the best breeders are very concerned with making sure their pups find the right home to be happy and thrive. They should ask about the potential owner’s availability, their previous pet-owning experience, the age and number of residents, and more.

Dog breeders know how much exercise and downtime their dogs need, and if their breed is good with children.

Great Danes of the OzarksThe Mindset of a Top Dog Breeder

Great Danes of the Ozarks explains that a great breeder will not only be knowledgeable, but they will use that knowledge for the right reasons. Their mindset, and how they respond to problems, set the top breeders apart from the rest.

It’s love more than profits that motivate them, says Devin Harris. They strive to preserve the health and wellness of their lines and to spread love and awareness of their dog breed.

Dog breeders don’t follow fads or trends. A right-minded person would never risk the health and safety of their dogs just to do what’s “in” in the current moment. Instead, they follow the guidance of authorities like the American Kennel Club and their peers.

Reputation Speaks for Itself

Great Danes of the Ozarks says that whether by word of mouth from a friend or from an organization like OFA, reputation makes or breaks the success of the breeder.

Some newer dog breeders might not be affiliated with a club, but that doesn’t make them less reputable per se. Their lineages will still be documented, and health can be easily verified.


Great Danes of the Ozarks notes that breeding dogs isn’t an easy job – but the top breeders make it look easy. That’s because they are passionate about what they do and because they’ve spent years learning everything there is to know about their breed.