The Ocean City School District’s Afterschool Drama Club for Students in 2nd through 5th grades concluded on Friday with the presentation of the Fifth-Grade Showcase.  Previous shows were held for the third graders (March 27-31), fourth grade (February 6-10), and second grade, (January 9-13).

These events help encourage participation in the arts through theatre games, musical theatre, improvisational activities, basic stage direction, imagination activities, skits and much more. The events encouraged participation by students with no previous experience as well as those who are young “veterans” of the stage.

Click here to see a short video clip of one of their routines “Another Opening, Another Show”.

These programs were made possible through partnerships with the school and the Ocean City Theatre Company, and a grant provided by the Sea Isle Board of Education in collaboration with the Ocean City Board of Education.

The showcase, which proved to be a great success, included the following participants: Alexis Allegretto, Anna Stam, Bria Condella, Bridget Breeden, Carly Gleason, Charles Drain, Dakota Vega, Emily Mullins, Katie Baccala, Katie McAllster, Kylee Hoagland, Mia Gallagher, Olivia Tyrrell, Reagan DeVlieger, Sammy Beckmann, and Schyler MacMichael.

The students and parents were grateful for the grant provided by the Sea Isle Board of Education and also grateful for all of guidance that they received from Fourth-Grade Teacher, Andrew Benfer and OCTC Founding Artistic Director, Mike Hartman.