All 15 of South Jersey’s Beach Patrols participated in this years South Jersey Lifeguard Championships in Avalon, NJ.  The temperature was hot, the water was rough, and the crowds were abundant.

Conall Laughlin represented Sea Isle Beach Patrol proudly, taking second place in the swim.

Longport was the big team winner this year and will get to host next years event.  Below is a video summary of the action, as well as the official results.

Video Credit: Ryan Givens

Doubles Crew:

1st Place:   Margate: Chris Graves / Chuck Gowdy   16:02

2nd Place: Longport: Mike McGrath / Sean Duffey 16:20

3rd Place:   Upper Township: Joe O’Neil / Ryan Fisher 16:32



1st Place:   Brigantine: Brandon McKenzie 14:45

2nd Place: Sea Isle: Conall Loughlin 14:46

3rd Place:   Longport: John Tepper 14:47



1st Place:   Longport: Mike McGrath 7:24

2nd Place: Atlantic City: Vince Granese 7:32

3rd Place:   Avalon: Erich Wolf 7:38


Team Scores:

1st Place: Longport 12 points

2nd  Place: Margate 8 points

3rd Place: Avalon 7 points