From left, City Council members William Kehner Sr., Mary Tighe, President J.B. Feeley, Frank Edwardi Jr. and Jack Gibson.

During the Jan. 14 City Council meeting, Ordinance 1648 was Introduced with First Reading. Ordinance 1648, which was written to update the existing Floodplain Management Plan, will have Second Reading during the Feb. 11 City Council meeting.

Each of the 18 Resolutions on the Jan. 14 Consent Agenda was approved, including:

Resolution 007, which authorized the re-appointment of Erika MacMurray as Sea Isle City’s Deputy Municipal Clerk.

Resolution 008, which authorized the approval of Bishop McHugh Catholic School’s Casino Night application.

Resolution 009, which authorized the award of the 2020 Software Maintenance Contract for the City’s Financial Management System to Edmunds & Associates ($12,119).

Resolutions 012 through 016, each of which authorized a National Cooperative Agreement that will give the City buying power during the 2020 calendar year.

Resolution 017, which approved the members of Sea Isle City’s Volunteer Fire Department.

Resolution 019, which authorized a Shared Services Agreement between Sea Isle City and Ocean City for Electrical Inspection services.

During the “Citizen Comment” portion of the Jan. 14 meeting, a resident commented that he and his family members have noticed that litter often accumulates at night on the Promenade and in other parts of town, and he encouraged City Council and the Administration to continually address the issue of littering.

The members of City Council remind all of Sea Isle City’s residents and visitors that littering negatively affects the quality of life of those who enjoy this community, and it also has a harmful impact on the local ecosystem.

So, please be certain to put litter in its place, and also remind your family members and guests (young and old alike) not to litter – and to avoid the fines that are applied to those who litter.

Our next City Council meeting will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 28, at 10 a.m. in Council Chambers. –We hope to see you there!