City Council members from left, Frank Edwardi, William Kehner, Mary Tighe, Jack Gibson and J.B. Feeley.

During the May 28 City Council meeting, neither the members of City Council nor the Administration had any new reports.

Sea Isle City Board of Education President Dan Tumolo was scheduled to update City Council during the meeting, however that presentation was postponed.

Subsequently, Mr. Tumolo has informed Council that there has been no change in the school budget since 2018 and that the size of our student population is essentially the same as in recent years. Therefore, since there is no new information to report, it was decided that there will not be a school board presentation to City Council at this time.

Each of the seven Resolutions on the May 28 Consent Agenda was approved, including:

· Resolution 084, which authorized the award of a contract to Let’s Party Painting for artistic and creative services during community events, not to exceed $12,000.

· Resolution 085, which declared surplus municipal property, including a garbage truck and other items, and approved those items for sale during an online auction.

· Resolution 086, which authorized the award of contracts for summer recreation programs, including cooking classes and lacrosse camp.

During the “Citizen Comment” portion of the May 28 meeting, several residents asked questions and expressed concerns about the recent house fires in Sea Isle City.

The audience members who spoke praised the members of Sea Isle City’s Volunteer Fire Department for their efforts. However, they also requested that the City examine ways to shorten response times during fire calls.

Our next City Council meeting will take place at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, June 11. We hope to see you there!

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